HiDiamond cables always guarantee absolute integrity of the signal and clear transmission of the sound. With the use or first-class materials and state of the art machinery, HiDiamond is committed to ensuring the highest levels of production, design and quality control. We can perform the main physical tests of the materials at our laboratories, such as tensile and smoke, toxicity tests, as well as electrical test such as insulation strength. Dieletric rigidity, impedance capacity, impedance transfer, resistance, transfer speed and other minor test. HiDiamond offers the complete series of cable for all audio requirements and applications.



The ambience, the clarity, the realism, and the frequency extension are qualities which I would rather have than be without. After I have experienced it in my system, it was very difficult to let it go. Just like the Argiano Brunello di Montalcino, the HiDiamond D7 RCA interconnects have become a permanent part of my collection.

Richard H. Mak | dagogo



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