Includes Ortofon Quintet RED MC Cartridge and WTB 370 Tonearm


Despite its relatively modest price, the Acoustic Solid Machine offers a level of performance that they believe more expensive models from their competitors will struggle to match. This is due to their refusal to compromise on key areas including the use of their own high-precision "zero tolerance" bearing. In addition, it uses a heavy 60mm thick aluminium platter that acts a powerful flywheel to ensure smooth, cogging-free rotation. The use of a separately located motor provides an extremely efficient means of preventing residual motor vibration from reaching the platter and disturbing the stylus. The combination of natural leather and acrylic sheet for the platter mat has been carefully chosen to provide effective damping of any vibration within the record. The Acoustic Solid Machine can accommodate up to three tone arms, which should satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.


The Acoustic Solid Machine provides stereo images that are palpable in their reality. The bass is convincing in its extension and timing and this comes together with the other parts of the frequency range to produce an analogue playback that has a feeling of smoothly flowing, just like real music. Listening to a turntable of this quality, it is easy to see why analogue playback is gaining in popularity.

Acoustic Solid Machine Arm and cartridge package

Tonearm Upgrade Options
  • Platter:

    60 mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet


    Natural leather with a 5mm thick acrylic layer

    Tone arm:

    WTB 370 with high quality phono cartridge


    Microprocessor controlled power supply


    String-drive by a separately housed motor


    Three individually adjustable feet decoupled by Teflon® discs


    25 mm strong aluminum body


    380 x 380 mm; 200 mm


    Approx 30 kg

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