Includes Ortofon Quintet RED MC Cartridge and WTB 213 Tonearm


The Acoustic Solid Royal is their state of the art model and represents the culmination of their development to date. A separately located motor isolates the platter from any motor induced vibration. The 70mm thick high-mass platter acts as a very effective flywheel to smooth out any residual cogging from the motor drive. The combination of an acrylic sheet and natural leather in the platter mat provides excellent damping of vibrations within the record. The platter rotates on a high-precision bearing of our own design and manufacture. This uses a plastic sleeve that is cast between the bearing housing and the spindle to provide what is essentially a "zero tolerance" fit. The bearing housing is mounted onto an 80mm thick aluminium chassis, which acts as a very efficient vibration sink. Provision for three tone arm bases is provided to allow the maximum flexibility in system configuration.

The Acoustic Solid Royal provides analogue playback of great naturalness and musicality. Stereo images are focussed and stable; dynamics are impressively realistic and background noise is all but negligible. When used in a system of the appropriate quality, you really can feel that the musicians are in the room and playing for you.

Acoustic Solid Royal

Tonearm Upgrade Options
  • Platter:

    70 mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet


    Natural leather (royal blue) with a 5mm thick acrylic layer


    3 feet, each height adjustable and individually decoupled with special Teflon washers

    Tone arm:

    9" WTB213 with high quality phono cartridge


    Microprocessor controlled power supply


    String-drive by a separately housed synchronous motor


    80 mm strong aluminum body, prepared to mount 3 tone arms


    440 x 440 mm; 240 mm


    Approx 50 kg

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