Acoustic Vintage Full Exclusive - Turntable, arm and cartridge package. Includes WTB 213 arm fitted with Ortofon Quintet Red MC Cartridge.


design principle

Sandwich construction
made of aluminum and stainless steel
with plastodem sound insulation on the inside
Feet with special
dampers F max 400 N

Speed ​​range

Convenient speed switching
at the push of a button 33.3, 45 rpm
fine adjustment + or -
possible at any time at the push of a button


Ground stainless steel axle,
cast liner and cast bearing
base, bottom again dampened with Teflon washers and decoupled.
Special resonance-optimized material with polished ceramic ball


Berger Lahr synchronous motor with
belt drive belt made of nylon silicone mixture microprocessor controlled electronics


Made of full aluminum 8 kg platter thickness 40 mm
CNC precision turned, hand polished

Turntable bearing

Mat made of genuine leather 5mm plexiglass


0.08% (measured with Ortofon measuring computer)

Electrical / Power Supply

240 volts 47-63 hearts 0.4 amperes
output 32 volts 0.46 amperes maximum
switching power supply with IEC connector cable

total weight

20 kg weight without tonearm


Width 500 mm
depth 390 mm
height 180 mm with tonearm

Acoustic Vintage Full Exclusive

Tonearm Upgrade Options
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