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 Antipodes Audio K21 Music Server 



The K21, with G4 Oladra technology, houses just the Player Engine of the K50.

It can be used as a low-powered Server and Player and be the ideal entry point when high-power is not needed and USB output is preferred. Or it can be added to the high-powered K41 to achieve the same performance level as a K50 on USB.


The K21, with G4 Oladra technology is the same as the latest K22, but without the Re-clocker, providing world-class and musically expressive sound via network streaming and USB output. Used as both Server and Player, the K21 delivers outstanding value for users with libraries smaller than 8TB, and who do not wish to use DSP features. The K21 can be upgraded later by adding a K41, to reach the same level of performance as the USB output of a K50.


The K21 uses a high-quality single low-powered processing engine that can run both Server applications and Player applications. The K21 can alternatively operate as a world-class Player-only device and is recommended for adding player end-points to an Oladra, K50 or K41, when USB output is preferred. The main signal output is on USB, and is 100% compatible with the USB Audio 2.0 standard, on USB Type A - and the K21 can also stream via Ethernet over your network to streamers.



Antipodes provides you with a wide range of application choice.


Minimserver • SQUEEZE • Roon • miniDLNA • HQPlayer • PLEX • MPD • Sonos


Antipodes also enables the use of ROON with any DAC, whether it is Roon Ready or not. Rather than stream to the Ethernet input of a Roon Ready DAC, you will get better sound using our Roon Player, and using either USB, S/PDIF, AES3 or I2S to play to your DAC. Your DAC does not need to be Roon Ready to enjoy using the excellent Roon Server interface.


There are three different types of application involved in a computer audio solution.

  • Server Applications. Server applications manage Internet Streaming Services and locally stored music files, and when a file is to be played, the Server application streams the music file to the Player application. Examples of Server applications are Roon Server, Squeeze Server, HQPlayer Server Embedded.
  • Player Applications. A Player application receives the streamed music file from the Server application, converts it to a digital audio signal and transmits the digital audio signal to your DAC.
  • Playback Solutions. A Playback Solution defines the Server application, the Player application, the connection you will use to your DAC, and the method you want used for sending DSD files to your DAC.


Your Antipodes provides a sophisticated management interface AMS that makes it very simple for you to select your Playback Solution, and adds simple ways to get your music into the music library on your Antipodes.



*** UPDATES SUMMER 2023 ***


Updates to the Oladra and the K Series are due to four key developments that we have been working on over several months.


  • Installing triple-cascade switch-mode power supplies in the K Series models.
  • Installing our proprietary high-quality isolation footers on the K Series models.
  • Upgrading K50 and K41 Server engines with innovations used in The Oladra.
  • Upgrading the Player engines for the Oladra, K50, K22 & K21.
  • Installing new USB outputs for the Oladra, K50, K22 & K21.



  • We expect to release the new models, and begin performing upgrades from 1 August 2023, but we may experience some unexpected manufacturing delays, so we cannot be precise about the date yet.
  • Sound quality is significantly improved on ALL outputs for all models.
  • USB now matches the sound quality level from S/PDIF and AES3.
  • An increase of 200% to 400% more system resources for K Series models.
  • Enterprise-level resilience against data loss in a power fluctuation or outage.
  • Upgrades will be available for existing Oladra, K50, K41, K40, K30, K22 & K21 models and updated models (except the K30) will be identical in all respects to the corresponding new model.
  • A K30 update will install dual triple-cascade power supplies, improved Player engine, and the new USB output.
  • The upgrade pricing is all-inclusive - includes pick-up, upgrade and return to the customer at no additional charge. Alternatively, customers can deliver to their local dealer or local freight depot and pick-up when the upgrade has been completed.


Antipodes Audio K21 Music Server

  • CURRENT RELEASE Oladra G4 Technology
    110-120VAC or
    NETWORK Gigabit Ethernet
    One SATA SSD
    User Installable
    445mm (W)
    370mm (D)
    105mm (H)
    600mm (W)
    530mm (D)
    240mm (H)
    USB 2.0 OUTPUT
    – PCM to 32 bit/768kHz
    – DoP to DSD256
    – Native DSD to DSD512
    – On USB A
    3 Years
    5 Years (Registered)


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