The Antipodes P2 Reclocker uses femto-second clocks to regenerate and add S/PDIF, AES3 and I2S Digital Outputs to your CX or EX, and provides an isolation platform for the EX or CX. Carved from a solid block of a special grade of aluminium alloy, the P2 houses the electronics to add these digital outputs to your Antipodes music server solution. You don’t need a P2 if you are only going to use the USB output or Direct Ethernet output on your CX or EX. But if you need S/PDIF, AES3 or I2S to feed your DAC, then you can add a P2.


The CX and EX are designed around the requirements for USB and Ethernet streaming, which are fundamentally about eliminating noise interference with the signal.

The requirements for the P2’s digital outputs are quite different because they are synchronous interfaces. Therefore, in addition to low noise, the P2 needs exceptional accuracy of the clock data carried in the signal. The ultra-low noise signal produced by the CX or EX is sent via USB to the P2, and the P2 regenerates signals using a femto-second clock to provide:


  • S/PDIF on BNC
  • S/PDIF on RCA
  • AES3 on 3-Pin XLR
  • I2S on HDMI


The P2 also provides a word clock out. This enables you to slave the DAC to the femto-second clock in the P2.


The P2 has exactly the same footprint as either the EX or CX and is designed to sit under them, but can also be positioned separately.  The complete Antipodes solution comprises of:


  • Antipodes CX – operating the Server function
  • Antipodes P1 Ripper – sitting under the CX and ripping to the CX storage
  • Antipodes EX – operating the Renderer function
  • Antipodes P2 Digital Outputs – sitting under the EX, receiving its USB input from the EX.

Antipodes P2

Finish: Black
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