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 Atlas ARRAN Ultra L RCA Grun 


Arran Ultra L RCA Grun is a state-of-the-art OCC copper interconnect cable featuring our innovative ultra-low-mass 'Ultra L' RCA connector.


The Arran Ultra L RCA Grun elevates our previous top of the range OCC copper interconnect (Mavros) to another level, created as a true ‘no compromise’ design to complement the performance of ‘high-end’ audio systems. Arran employs a unique 3D printed liner within the Ultra L plug, reducing mass and the influence of the connector itself to extremely low levels.


The Arran Ultra L RCA Grun uses the highest quality ‘6N’ (99.99997% purity) elongated crystal copper manufactured using the OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process, ensuring the signal follows a faster, cleaner and more direct path.

The cable utilises a pair of conductors, each made up of six solid OCC strands surrounding a seventh central wire, tension wrapped in a microporous PTFE dielectric. An advanced continuous screen with a copper shielding braid ensures minimal RF interference and noise susceptibility. 

In our ‘dd’ (dual-drain) configuration, twin symmetrical drain wires connect the screen to the cable return/plug interface, allowing cable termination without distorting, twisting or mechanically stressing the precision-laid screen. Typically, screened cables suffer from screen distortion when prepared for production. Cutting and twisting the screening braid has a measurable impact, effectively changing the impedance and, therefore, the cable’s performance. Using tools we created for this specific task, our precisely calibrated build process maintains the required conductor geometry and ensures the highest level of manufacturing consistency and reliability. 

Termination is with our latest generation innovative ultra-low-mass ‘Ultra L’ (Latik) RCA which uses a 3D printed liner component and cold-weld connection. In a cold-weld (solder-free) connection, the metal of the connector plug and the wire are squeezed together under a calibrated pressure to form a robust, consistent, air-tight metal to metal contact with no deformation of the cable dielectric. The result is a smooth, uninterrupted signal path which behaves as one continuous entity.

Incorporates Atlas’ Grun Coherent Earthing System connector (basic adapter included).

Standard or Luxe finish options are available.




An independent system earth engineered to reduce the RFI and EMI ‘noise’ which frequently degrades audio performance.



The Ultra L (Latik) is a wide-band, OCC copper, constant impedance, self-cleaning, solder-free ultra-low-mass RCA plug with precision 3D-printed internal components reducing mass and the influence of the connector itself to extremely low levels.



OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process was developed by Professor Ohno, from the Chiba Institute of Technology, to manufacture a very high purity single grain copper or silver. There are only a handful of companies in the world manufacturing via this method.



PTFE (Teflon™) is usually applied at higher temperatures and in combination with OFC conductors. OCC materials don’t like high temperatures (soldering, applying the dielectric etc) so application of a low temperature PTFE or FEP work best with OCC conductors. This is especially critical at smaller conductor sizes.


CONSTRUCTION—Twin Multi-core dual drain

A pair of identically matched conductors (one for signal path, the other acts as the return conductor) enclosed within a non-conducting screen. Combined with Atlas' dd (dual drain) system which avoids distortion of the screening braid during assembly – this can change the impedance and therefore the performance of the cable.


Atlas ARRAN Ultra L RCA Grun

  • Construction Twin Multi-core dd (dual drain)
    Material OCC Copper
    Dielectric Microporous PTFE
    Screen Braid + Mylar™, 100%
    Capacitance 71.17 pF/m
    Inductance 0.332 µH/m
    Resistance 0.0197 Ohm/m
    Outside Diameter 9.8 mm
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