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 Atlas ELEMENT Achromatic RCA S/PDIF 


The Element Achromatic BNC is constructed with a continuous path for the signal virtually free of the discontinuities that can degrade the music signal in subtle but audible ways.


A true 75 Ohm digital interconnect with a detailed, non-fatiguing sound avoiding the digital ‘glare’ which affects many inexpensive digital cables.


The Element Achromatic RCA S/PDIF is designed to match the consumer digital audio specification by maintaining a true 75 Ohm impedance, ensuring error-free transmission of digital data signals. Many cables actually fail to meet the 75 Ohm standard due to flaws in the way the cable itself is manufactured and assembled. Our cold-weld solder-free connectors avoid the continuity breaks and compression of the cable’s shielding screen which cause impedance problems and lead to compromised jitter performance.

The central conductor is silver-plated multi-stranded OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), insulated by an extremely low-loss foamed polyethylene dielectric, the resulting sound being clear and dynamic with minimal jitter-induced noise. The Element Achromatic RCA S/PDIF makes an ideal entry level digital cable between CD transport or streamer and DAC.


Atlas ELEMENT Achromatic RCA S/PDIF

  • Construction Co-ax 
    Material Silver-Plated OFC
    Dielectric PEF (Foamed Polyethylene)
    Screen OFC, 85%
    Capacitance 63.03 pF/m
    Inductance 0.3735 µH/m
    Resistance 0.1612
    Outside Diameter 6.0mm
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