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 Atlas HYPER Achromatic Speaker Z/S 2.0 


Atlas Hyper 2.0 speaker cables are engineered with neutrality, speed and a wide dynamic range as primary design objectives.


A superb cable ideally suited for continuous listening over a prolonged period without causing listener fatigue.


Hyper 2.0 speaker cables feature very high purity (99.9999%) OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) 2.0mm² conductors with an advanced PTFE (Teflon™) dielectric. It’s a combination most unusual at this price point, and it means the cable offers an exceptional performance which is well suited to considerably more expensive systems than its price tag might suggest. The increased diameter conductors on the Hyper 2.0 offer improved bass performance over the 1.5 version.

The conductor quality and high-efficiency dielectric allow Hype to reveal more of the performance level your equipment is capable of, being fast and dynamic without suffering the ruthlessly analytical character sometimes mistaken for additional ‘detail,’ but which is ultimately fatiguing.


Our latest-generation Achromatic Z-plug is a proprietary low-mass, self-cleaning, precision-crimped (cold-weld) speaker connector fitted as standard. These cables are also available terminated with our cold-weld high quality OFC spades.

Atlas HYPER Achromatic Speaker Z/S 2.0

  • Construction Twin-core round
    Material OFC
    Dielectric PTFE (Teflon™)
    Screen none
    Capacitance 73.42 pF/m
    Inductance 0.5178 µH/m
    Resistance 0.0088 Ohms/m
    VOP 0.72
    Outside Diameter 7mm
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