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The FLS 9 is Audia Flight's latest creation for a hi-end integrated amplifier. It shares with FLS 1 model same fully balanced preamplifier stage boards. Power channels use 12 highly selected power devices, 8 power supply circuits with extra low impedance and very low noise, high quality capacitors (120.000 uF), special printed boards with extra thick copper layer, 1000 W shielded audio toroidal transformer. The150 Wrms (8 ohm) output power follows the acclaimed Audia tradition of speed, power, driving capability and control ability.


The FLS 9 is also suitable for less efficient, impedance critical (down to 2 ohm) loudspeaker systems. The aluminum chassis, with engraved “Audia Flight” logo on top cover, and solid aluminium milled remote control are brushed and anodized. It possible to install two optional cards, plug and play, very easy to install in separate slots externally accessible.


The FLS 9 is available in silver and black finish.


Quote from the 2022 award winning review in Stereonet:


"Without question then, Audia Flight's FLS9 is an exceptional integrated amplifier. It sounds clean and detailed on both analogue and digital sources, reproducing music with power and drive. Yet, at the same time, it's surprisingly delicate and capable of remarkable subtlety and finesse. It has amazing clarity, allowing listeners to follow several instruments playing at once without requiring brain-busting concentration. It's got fine timing and is particularly good at reproducing music with complex time signatures and anything that has pace." (James Michael Hughes - Stereonet Applause Award 2022)

Audia Flight FLS 9 Integrated Amplifier