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 Audia Flight FLS20 High End SACD Player

Top Loading SACD Player


Over decades, Audia has continued to actively develop CD players, accumulating and refining experience about this audio technology. The new FLS20 SACD achieves the essence of a high-end disc player: ultra-high precision in reading discs and delivering high quality audio signals to the audio chain. For this result, the signal paths are as short as possible and all the circuitry is minimized.


After a long and extenuating process of listening sessions and sophisticated technical measures, the disk drive system has totally been designed from scratch in order to virtually eliminate any vibration, both from inside and outside the chassis. Vibrations are the biggest enemy of disk players and sonic top performances cannot be obtained without a total control of drive vibrations. Disc information can be read with impeccable precision and a clean, high-quality signals fed to the FLS20 SACD’s advanced circuitry.


The unit has solidly built casework with a thick aluminum front panel. Conversion section uses 2 x Sabre ES9038PRO 32-BitDacs (one x channel, mono mode), plus a Crystek CCHD-950 ultra low noise clock. Digital circuits are powered by 10 ultra low noise power supplies. The output section is, in Audia Flight style, fully balanced Class A discrete current feedback, so balanced and unbalanced analog output are available. It is powered by 4 low noise discrete components voltage regulators.


FLS20 power supply uses 3 completely separate toroidal transformers for the analog stage (80VA ), digital stage (85VA) circuits and a 15VA for logic control. Connections flexibility is ensured by 4 built in digital inputs (Toslink, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, USB) and 4 digital outputs (Toslink, AES/EBU, S/PDIF I2S). In addition to that Audia Flight is offering the choice of an optional steamer card*.


*Streamer Card available end 2023

Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player