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 Audio Origami SP-10R PRO PLINTH 


The perfect combination of world-class direct-drive technology, superb isolation and on-the-fly tonearm management, make this one of the most precise turntable packages available.


The legendary Technics SP-10R is the epitome of direct-drive turntable technology. With world-leading measurements for wow and flutter, rumble and continuous torque, no other direct-drive system can offer this mythical system’s stability or precise playback.


The only downside of the SP-10R is that it comes without a plinth.


Of course, this is intentional as it was initially designed for broadcast use and was fitted into bespoke studio consoles. However, the deck’s performance is so perfect that audiophiles have used it in home hi-fi systems for decades and have been forced to fit it into either homemade or open bottomed plinths that hold the deck, but do very little to absorb unwanted resonances.


Audio Origami has designed a plinth for this magical turntable that fully encapsulates the sides and underbody of the SP-10R, blocks all audible vibrations and provides a unique tonearm mounting system that allows you to quickly and precisely move your tonearm into position without having to unscrew the armboard.


Made from materials scientifically proven to absorb the resonances that harm the audio signal, the Audio Origami SP-10R ProPlinth is the ultimate plinth for the ultimate direct-drive turntable.


The Audio Origami ProPlinth is compatible with these turntables:

Technics SP10R

Technics SP-10MK3

Technics SP-10MK2


Direct Drive Masterpiece

The Technics SP-10R is a reference class turntable system with a coreless direct-drive motor and a heavyweight platter for stable rotation.

The direct-drive motor is powered by a separate control unit to suppress the effects of unwanted noise on the main unit.

Combined with the Audio Origami ProPlinth, this is simply the best direct-drive turntable in the world!


The Audio Origami ProPlinth sits on Audio Origami proven isoPod feet with the addition of an inverted spike. This system provides almost absolute isolation from low-frequency vibrations entering the plinth and harming the cartridge’s signal.
The system also allows you to level the plinth from the top plate, making it easy to achieve a perfectly level deck.


Perfect Tonearm Placing

Leave the days of complicated tonearm placing behind with the world-first tonearm slider from Audio Origami.

Quickly and easily achieve the perfect pivot to spindle distance for your tonearm by rotating a hidden driver on the side of the plinth, and the internal gearing system will set your arm exactly without having to remove any screws.


If you are looking for a killer arm for your high-end moving coil cartridge, you cannot go wrong with an AO PU7.

The PU7 is an ultra-rigid, minimalist gimballed tonearm designed to have zero impact on the cartridge's performance. Constructed from aero-grade alloy, the perfectly damped armtube is designed for low to medium-low compliance cartridges, and the ultra-smooth Japanese-made race bearings allow near-perfect tracking.

The Audio Origami PU7 is the perfect match for high-performance contemporary cartridges.


The SP-10R ProPlinth is compatible with almost all arms between 9.5 inch and 13 inch.
It may be compatible with some 9" arms, however please note that the minimum Pivot to Spindle length achievable is 115mm and some armbase plates may make mounting 9" arms impossible.



Audio Origami SP-10R PRO PLINTH

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