With its new CLASSIC Compact model, AUDIO PHYSIC has introduced a breath of fresh air into the class of compact loudspeakers. These new loudspeakers are not just the little siblings of the CLASSIC 10 and 20, but actually contain a combination of technologies from both of these larger models and therefore produce sound with a quality that was previously unheard of in this class. As is the case with the CLASSIC 10 and 20, AUDIO PHYSIC has also chosen to use a cabinet made of three different layers of material for the CLASSIC Compact. These individual layers all have different damping properties and combine to provide an exceptionally solid cabinet that is able to combat partial vibrations and resonances more effectively than conventional cabinets.


When it comes to its configuration, the CLASSIC Compact makes use of the high-performance drivers of the CLASSIC 20 model. The 6“ woofer/midrange driver is fitted with a particularly warp-resistant cast aluminium basket and optimal ventilation that enable it to produce clean and well differentiated sound, even in the case of deep and powerful bass tones. On top of this, the loudspeaker's oversized magnet guarantees perfect control in every situation, while its fixed phase plug prevents compression effects and therefore contributes towards a clear and tangible midrange performance.


The CLASSIC Compact loudspeakers also contain a bass reflex adjustment feature that supports low frequencies by using the groundbreaking design of the CLASSIC 10 and its special sound conduction in the sides of the loudspeakers. This novel AUDIO PHYSIC technology removes the need for a classic bass reflex tube and therefore also eliminates its disadvantages, for example audible midrange frequencies, especially in compact loudspeakers. This sound conduction and the clever multi-layer cabinet design of the CLASSIC Compact combine forces to significantly reduce the amount of unwanted sound that escapes to the outside.


Although the standard version of the CLASSIC Compact already provides listeners with clear sound advantages, these new loudspeakers are also available in an optional glass design that gives these benefits an even longer-lasting effect and features an external layer of glass that additionally reinforces the cabinet. Whatever version of the CLASSIC line you choose, the sandwich construction of these loudspeakers’ cabinet walls means you can rest assured that there will be none of those dreaded ringing sounds.


The woofer/midrange driver and tweeter of the CLASSIC Compact are combined with the loudspeaker’s front panel to produce a graceful looking unit. In fact, these loudspeakers are supplied with two different panels: one with an acoustically neutral fabric covering and one without fabric that enables you to see the drivers themselves.


The ingenious membrane design of the loudspeaker’s tweeter ensures a particularly broad frequency response that stretches beyond the audible range. Its star-shaped acoustic lens helps to reduce early reflections that may lead to a rather rough sound image and its large 1.2” fabric diaphragm enables it to achieve an optimal transition region down to the lower frequencies. On top of all this, the tweeter also features a strong magnet and is fitted with several internal chambers that help to prevent any compression effects that may adversely influence the sound produced.


As is also the case in the two floor-standing models of the CLASSIC line, AUDIO PHYSIC uses the innovative “nextgen®” connectors from WBT as standard in all of its CLASSIC Compact loudspeakers. Unlike conventional connectors, these “nextgen®” components are not influenced by ground effects or effected by eddy currents. They also feature a clever torque indicator that reliably shows when a sufficient contact pressure has been reached when cables with spades are used. These connectors guarantee permanent and perfect contact with the CLASSIC Compact loudspeakers, which in turn use all of their innovative components to produce a highly refined quality of sound in the compact class.


Like all high-quality compact loudspeakers, the CLASSIC Compact models are able to reach their full sound potential when placed on a solid stand. AUDIO PHYSIC’S SHERPA II are excellently finished loudspeaker stands that are the perfect match for the CLASSIC Compact in terms of both sound and appearance.


The CLASSIC Compact loudspeakers are also ideal for use as main speakers and/or rear speakers in a high-quality surround system depending on the size of the room in question. They can be combined with the CLASSIC Center and LUNA Subwoofer to provide a perfectly coordinated multi-channel set.

Audio Physic CLASSIC COMPACT 2 Loudspeakers

  • Height 315 mm / 12.4"
    Width 170 mm / 6.7"
    Depth 240 mm / 9.5"
    Required Space Width x Depth 170x240 mm / 6.7x9.5"
    Weight   6,5 kg / 8 kg
    Impedance 8 Ohm
    Frequency range 50 Hz - 30 kHz
    Sensitivity 86 dB
    Recommended amplifier power 20-100 W
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