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 Audio Physic LUNA Subwoofer 


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A good subwoofer opens up new perspectives. It is capable of revealing up to 30 percent more of what your recordings actually contain, as it forces its way into frequencies that even many floorstanding loudspeakers cannot reach in their bass response.

Therefore, subwoofers like the LUNA are not only suitable for the use in a surround sound system, but also enrich the sound sustainably in a mere stereo configuration. The LUNA is equipped with a potent 25-centimeter woofer. Only little excursion is needed from the generously dimensioned diaphragm surface to excite the surrounding air to oscillate. Sound-influencing distortion that almost inevitably occurs with long diaphragm strokes are thus kept under control; in addition, having the sound radiating downwards with a defined distance to the ground (“down-firing”) guarantees an even excitation of the room. A hefty power amplification of 120 watts gives the LUNA plenty of reserves, so that it doesn’t get into trouble even with brute bass lines.


The application-oriented connection and control terminal allows a sensitive adaptation to the room and the connected loudspeakers. The LUNA can be driven via the speaker outputs of an amplifier as well as the LFE or sub outputs of a receiver.   As with woofer and amplifier, also the enclosure of the LUNA is carefully designed and precisely manufactured. Inconsistently designed cabinets offer distortions an ideal fertile ground; during operation, parts of the cabinet vibrate to the beat of the music. The results are audible discolourations and an imprecise sonic image, affecting of course the bass response, but moreover the fundamental tones and the midrange. In these frequency ranges, a subwoofer should not emit any own sound at all, but if distortion prone components are in play, this can’t be avoided. As a result, the subwoofer can be located very easily. To prevent such a behaviour, the LUNA has been constructed in a very solid manner, featuring thick wall panels and internal reinforcing braces to additionally stiffen the enclosure.     

Audio Physic LUNA Subwoofer £1995

  • Height 400 mm / 15.8"
    Width 360 mm / 14.2"
    Depth 360 mm / 14.2"
    Required Space Width x Depth 380x380 mm / 15x15"
    Weight   19kg
    Impedance 600/30.000 Ohm
    Frequency range 30 - 150 Hz
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