Midex comes to settle between Codex and Avanti


The Midex column, which is a little smaller than the Codex (1.11 instead of 1.195 meters), still retains the width and overall appearance. The structure is identical, but the woofer is installed on the facade instead of positioning on the side of the Codex, the latter having been presented for the first time at the Munich show in 2016.

Audio Physic MIDEX Loudspeakers

  • Height 1110 mm / 43.7"
    Width 202 mm / 8.0"
    Depth 335 mm / 13.2"
    Required Space Width x Depth 360x450 mm / 14.2x17.7"
    Weight glass / veneer ~ 35 kg
    Recommended amplifier power   30-180 W
    Impedance 4 Ohm
    Frequency range 30 Hz - 40 kHz
    Sensitivity 89 dB


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