The TEMPO plus loudspeakers manage the feat of bridging the gap between unbelievable precision, realistic rendering and uncompromising neutrality like no TEMPO before. Equipped with the latest AUDIO PHYSIC developments and meticulously refined down to the detail, the TEMPO plus significantly raise the bar in terms of what you can now expect from a living-room friendly standing loudspeaker. You can treat yourself to incomparable music enjoyment, true to the AUDIO PHYSIC motto: "No loss of fine detail".


The TEMPO plus almost appear fragile, and yet they skilfully conceal the refined engineering and intelligent design that make them exceptional loudspeakers in their class. Their slender, tall shape, gently sloped at an angle, and with rejuvenating side panels towards the front, reduces rogue, i.e. unwanted natural oscillations of the cabinet, along with standing waves in the interior of the loudspeaker. Without countermeasures, own vibrations and standing waves such as these can quickly cause an undifferentiated, sometimes even droning, sound. The design of the TEMPO plus combats these dangers at the source.


Two high-performance bass drivers, equipped with stiff aluminium membranes, are located precisely across from one another in the sides of the TEMPO plus. The location and switching of the chassis and the so-called “push-push technology” create a symmetrical distribution of force on the loudspeaker cabinet when the loudspeaker is in use. The complete facelift of the bass compartment makes a substantial contribution towards improving the impulse response. Instead of traditional insulation material for dampening the acoustic noise emitted into the loudspeaker interior, open-pore ceramic foam is deployed. With a pore ratio of over 85%, the dampening is now significantly more effective. The ceramic foam itself is extremely stiff and helps to further stabilise the loudspeaker cabinet. The result is a level of precision unto its own in this class.


The tweeters and midrange drivers are manufactured exclusively for AUDIO PHYSIC, their hybrid cone construction (HHC technology) is unique, combining the dampening characteristics of modern polymers with the stability and torsional stiffness of metal. Detrimental effects on sound due to interactions between the suspension system and the chassis basket are thus effectively eliminated. The outcome is a smooth and homogeneous acoustic pattern, from the fundamental tone all the way to the highest frequencies.

Like the tweeter, the mid-range driver of the TEMPO plus has its own compartment. In addition to the elaborate HHC basket construction, the mid-range driver is also equipped with a fixed phase plug made of metal. Depending upon the music material and volume, suspension systems tend to develop intense heat, which under circumstances can alter certain parameters. The metal phase plug is an efficient heat sink, also reducing compression effects behind the membrane. When it comes to the tweeters, the TEMPO plus features the latest chassis generation, HHCT III, which is also deployed in larger AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers.


The crossovers were also given a facelift, individual components selectively protected from micro-vibrations and the interior wiring was intuitively streamlined. Not least, the TEMPO plus is built with solid aluminium traverses, which are also used in the AVANTI. They guarantee easy handling and optimal contact to the floor. The result of these measures: significantly higher resolution, enhanced homogeneity and stunningly authentic musicality.


Special features

- new HHCT III tweeter
- modified cross over
- modified inner cabinet with 
  open cell ceramic foam bracing elements
- massive Aluminum traverse from the AVANTI

Audio Physic Tempo Plus Loudspeakers

  • Height 1000 mm / 39.4"
    Width 187 mm / 7.4"
    Depth 320 mm / 12.6"
    Required Space Width x Depth 290x430 mm / 11.4x16.9"
    Weight 20 kg
    Recommended amplifier power   20-150 W
    Impedance 4 Ohm
    Frequency range 32 Hz - 40 kHz
    Sensitivity 89 dB
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