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 VCF V Magnetic Plus (Component Set) 

The current pinnacle of our VCF technology is the VCF V MAGNETIC Plus. Its maximum load is 35 kg per foot and its isolation of the speaker and component against vibration is outstanding.


The ultimate high-end support solution for large speakers. In the VCF Magnetic plus Component Set we have added two strong opposing magnets to the latest generation of our VCF technology. This increases the maximum acceptable weight per foot and literally levitates the load over the floor. And since there is nearly no mechanical conncetion to the floor at all, there can be no transmission of vibration in either direction.


NEW: “plus” generation with dual mesh elements for max. 35 kg per feet = 1052kg per component

1 VCF V Magnetic Plus (Component Set) = 3 pcs

diameter = 65 mm

height until adapter = 26 mm
max 35 kg per feet



Excerpt from STEREO magazine:


Intelligent Feet

As Audio Physic’s development engineer, Manfred Diestertich (above) is always seeking opportunities to further improve upon the loudspeakers of this specialty manufacturer from Germany’s Sauerland region. One approach in this regard involves accessories such as the proven “Vibration Control Feet”, or VCF for short, which via their network structure convert all kinetic energy into tensile forces, and in place of the spikes, can be screwed into the aluminium traverses of the loudspeakers. Now he has designed them in a more elaborate”magnetic” version with additional magnet decoupling.


Naturally, we wanted to hear what these little gizmos could do, in a room where a pair of Audio Physic’s large Cardeas plus+ were connected up to reference-class electronics from the company Accustic Arts. The 80 kg loudspeakers were first mounted on spikes when rendering Mariah Pihl’s “Malvina” in full tone colour, power and spatial depth. As we’re on a tight schedule in the workshop, and we didn’t have time for tedious disconnecting and reconnecting, the team simply mounted the traverses in a flash on a VCF III Double M8 set (a 8-piece set costs  449 Euros), so that the spikes no longer had floor contact.


This solution led to a cleaner bass, improved detachment of the spectrum from the loudspeaker cabinets, as well as more precisely textured details in the acoustic pattern. We quickly ran the track from the listening test CD VI again, this time replacing the basic VCFs with the VCF II Magnetic M8 (an 4-piece set costs  699 Euros); which intensified the positive effect, in that the bass was even more nuanced and the singer — free of distorting influences from the fundamental range — was standing physically before the amazed listeners.


Comparison test with Liza Minelli’s “Old Friends” (Listening Test CD VII). Once again, there was optimal reproduction of Carnegie Hall as well as fine nuancing of the exuberant live number only on the Magnetics. When placed beneath the high-quality Accustic Arts pre-amp as well, they worked wonders, making its rendering calmer, steadier and clearer. So: It’s time to get up on your feet.


“Sound improvements by coupling and decoupling loudspeakers or devices? Well, you’re asking the right guy! Nearly all my components are mounted on special feet. The positive effects are so obvious, as just witnessed in the work-shop, which makes me want to own the Audio Physics ‘Magnetic’ bases.”

                                  —Workshop participant Peter Ragus

Audio Physic VCF V MAGNETIC Plus (Component Set)

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