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 Audio Solutions FIGARO B2 Loudspeakers 


Meet the all-new Figaro! An evolution of our most successful speaker series.  The new Figaro is vastly improved in all aspects. Embrace a new modern design with brass metal accents and satin color options. We give you a remarkable tandem of performance and design where science meets art!


Designed to be easily driven by most amplifiers and with the ability to be placed very close to the wall, Figaro's task is to make your life easier with as simple as possible setup, cable, and amplifier matching.




Two-way speaker system designed with Mini-Horn loaded silk dome tweeter and our unique midbass driver which works in extended mid-band effectively making it an Extended-Band driver, allowing us to push crossover frequencies of the drivers further away from the most critical area for the human ear - 1000-1500Hz and thus reduce crossover distortions and perception of them. Two whole new re-designed ER (Extra Rigid) hard paper cone bass drivers deliver faster and deeper bass response and improve overall sound clarity.


The Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet enclosure system taken from upper scale Virtuoso series contributes to a complex closed system that eliminates unwanted resonances by turning acoustical energy into heat, allowing all drivers to perform with precision and dynamics.


Figaro features outriggers with height-adjustable spikes, WBT NextGen connection terminals with bi-amping for models L and XL, and also a whole new 6 unique never seen before satin finishes with brass metal accents.





Here you can choose from any of 3 Standard or 4 Bespoke Finish Options.

These versions all comprise the following attributes that are able to be augmented or downgraded in the unique Audio Solutions Configurator—as this covers over 18,000 possible combinations, we're not listing them all here!


You can choose the:

• Main Colour

• Trim type

• Secondary Colour

• Top Plate colour

• Rings Colour/s

• Binding Post type

plus some other Extra Options (eg speaker cable, Supreme internal Cabling, etc).


Visit the configurator to find YOUR perfect combination!

Audio Solutions FIGARO B2 Loudspeakers

  • Dimensions (HxWxD) :

    337mm x 223mm x 339mm; 13.27 x 8.78 x 13.35in

    Weight : 10 kg/22 lbs each
    Shipping weight : 12 kg/26.4 lbs each
    Sensitivity : 89.5 dB @ 2.83V 1m
    Suggested amp power : 5-150 W;
    Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms;
    Crossover frequency : 4000 Hz
    Frequency response (in-room environment) : 42-25000 Hz
    Drivers : 19mm silk dome tweeter, 15.2cm ER paper cone mid-bass driver


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