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Russia’s legendary 6C33 valve is shrouded in myth – some stories true, others less so. The most interesting of these tells of a Russian MIG fighter flown by a renegade pilot, delivered into the hands of the enemy. After dismantling the jet, among many other interesting things, its new “owners”  found the type 6C33 valves. It emerged that the 6C33-powered communication units were employed to maintain contact with Mother Russia in the event of a nuclear holocaust: semiconductor components – such as transistors – would not work in this scenario, as they’d be rendered useless by the nuclear explosion’s EMF.


Luckily for all of us, the 6C33 never had to prove its usefulness in that set of  circumstances. Instead, the valve survives for an enviable reputation in another milieu: adapting their unusual capabilities to the audiophile scene during peacetime.


For a large number of valve enthusiasts, this Russian masterpiece is simply the “mother of all performance triodes.”


One has to love this valve’s unique charisma to tweak and meddle with it in spite of its stubborn character. It is an especially robust design, with high tolerances that have already driven a host of tube amplifier designers to despair.


The 6C33 is unique in its musical “color”, but it obstinately defies reliable use in audio applications. Only in a sophisticated technological environment can the almost inexhaustible musical wealth of this valve be exploited.


For this reason alone, many well-conceived designs simply failed in the practical application of the 6C33, limiting its use. The taming of this unruly valve is accomplished only by those who have the key to this technology. We at AudioValve possess this magic “key” and we hacked the code of its universal application. The secret is ISBR, or “Interactive Servo Bias Regulator”.

AudioValve Assistent 100 Mk II Integrated Amplifier

£8,650.00 Regular Price
£5,363.00Sale Price
  • power consumption: 500 - 800 va max., stand - by mode:300 va

    power output: 110 w sinus wave - 1khz / 1% dist. / 8 ohm load, per channel

    distortion 1khz / ohm:
     2 watt - 0,06 %
    10 watt - 0,06%
    50 watt - 0,15 %
    80 watt - 0,25 % !!!
    110 watt - 1 %

    bandwide: - 1db / 45 khz, -3 db / 5 hz up to 60 khz

    damping: 8 ohm load - 50

    s/n - ratio: better 80 db

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