By popular request of the AudioValve Fan Community, AudioValve proudly presents a succession model within the Assistent series, the Assistent 50.

Here the experience of 10 years production is combined and provides the basics for a completely new technological and optical design.

We have to thank you, dear fan community, it is owed to your loyalty to the product that we at AudioValve did not avoid expenses nor troubles to develop a new unit based on the trusted basics, which allows for your demand for "more performance and comfort".
Several reports around the globe document time and time again the excellent sound performance of the sophisticated construction of previous Assistant series. 

Just like before, today power tubes type QQE are employed, but now 8 tubes – four per channel, developing full 2 x 50 Watts, reflecting a sound transparency that was and still is proverbial for this series. 

Besides all the technological innovations, especially the casing design offers several surprises. No controls on the front panel, 3D-lasered and lit writing in the amplifier’s transparent front look hardly show, what wave of innovation forms the basis of the product and will give you the expected joy for many years to come. With these features AudioValve without doubt is again trend-setting.

AudioValve Assistent 50 Integrated Amplifier

  • Type: Integrated stereo tube amplifier
    Power: 2 x 50 watt / 8 ohm 
    Inputs: 1 - 5; outputs: 1 tape
    Efficency: 0 dbm
    Input impedance: 47 kOhm
    Harmonic distortion: < 0,3% / 20 watt% 
    Dimensions: W 420 x H 155x D 320 mm
    Weight: 18 kg
    Modes: ON/OFF, stand-by,mute
    Functions: all be remote control
    Origin: Germany
    tubes: 2pcs. ECC83, 2pcs. ECC82, 8pcs. QQE 03/12, RS 1029 or CV 2798

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