During the CES show in   Las Vegas 2003, the need for a smaller version of Baldur 200+ became apparent. Size and price were main cause for the search for an alternative consumers entrance into the ‘world of BALDURS’ !


Thus said and done, AudioValve can offer you, as shown in the accompanying illustrations, the final developments and esthetics of BALDUR 70 (“baby-baldur”). World premier performance was at the ‘High-End-Show’ in Frankfurt-Germany, Summer of 2003.


Like in all AudioValve’s  larger model power-amps, our proven fully automatic bias regulator –short ABR- at the powertubes, also appears here in the power stages of BALDUR 70. This is  world wide unique and this feature is a ‘must’ for relevant tasks to stabilize the bias of the power valves and actually belongs standard into 21fst century  tube-technology   - at least with AudioValve ! -

Safety, reliability and durability are synonym for our tubeamps for over a decade! Apart from the high reliability of the outputstage, the ‘baby-Baldur’ unites further interesting, typical AudioValve’s refinements on the part of the concept. As for the powertubes, BALDUR 70 utilizes only four 6AS7G’s / ch. where BALDUR 200-plus uses eight 6AS7G’s per channel. (And in doing so, it’s the only world-wide power stage, using 8 tubes coupling a clean 150Watts power-output to a dampingsfactor of 100!!)


The baby-Baldur cannot compete completely with the extreme standard of Baldur 200, but gives a real run for its money, and makes a quiet worthy and certainly more inexpensive entrance possible to a true triode Poweramp. And with this masterpiece one immediately recognizes the incomparable quality of a correct trimmed set of 6AS7G’s !! (75W/ch)

AudioValve Baldur 70 Mono Power Amps

  • Power supply: 100-245 Volt

    Power consumption / ch: 250 Watt

    Tubes: 4* 6AS7G, 1*ECC83, 2*ECC82, 1*6N6P or 6 CG 7

    Concept: Push-Pull – class A

    Max Output / ch: 70 Watt (8 ohm load, 1% dist.)

    THD at rated output: 0.3% ( 50Watt/100Hz - 1KHz – 10KHz)

    Power bandwidth: 10Hz – 50KHz (8Ohm load)

    Dampingfactor: 20 (output Z= 0.4 Ohm)

    Input sensitivity: 0 dBm ( 775 mV)

    Automatic Bias Regulation: Yes, unique full automatic biasing for all powertube-triodes

    Version: Black or silver colored case and chrom or gold terminals

    Dimensions: Width 32.5 cm; Depth 38.5 cm; High 30 cm

    Weight: 16 Kg

    Dimensions with package:  W: 45cm; D: 52.5 cm; H: 50cm

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