The Challenger 250’s are high-performance power amplifiers with intelligent Power Management that provides a unique listening experience.


They are a continuation of our successful Challenger series (115, 150 and 180) of mono blocs first introduced in 1987. The Challenger 250’s achieve a new level of definition and perfection in quality of sound.


Like all AudioValve amplifiers, the Challenger 250’s attract attention through innovative technology, beautiful design and accurate circuitry. All AudioValve amplifiers are handcrafted products, produced with accuracy and precision.


The Challenger 250’s combine many advantages

The revolutionary and proprietary ABR circuitry, developed in-house, supervises, affects and controls each KT90 tube independently. All Challenger 250’s are delivered with KT90 tubes, which may be replaced with pin-compatible Beam-Power pentodes – the ABR sets up the correct bias-current automatically. This allows the customer to use whatever tube creates the best sound for him/her.


Another awesome convenience is that the circuitry is totally balanced throughout, which makes it possible for these amplifiers to drive all sorts of speakers, from normal drivers to exotic electrostatics and ribbons. The Challenger 250’s are particularly suitable for large speakers in big rooms. Enjoy the sonorous sound and the authentic replay that they achieve! No matter which kind of music you prefer, the Challenger 250’s are flexible and multi-functional. These amplifiers turn every kind of music - Heavy-Metal, Pop, RocknRoll, Classical - into something special.


New compact design, which evolved from customers’ requests for a product that fits into a larger number of standard component racks.

Intelligent Air-Conditioning System protects against excessive heat and produces little noise.
Finest production materials/components available, resulting in an exceptionally high musical quality and an exclusive musical experience.

Newly designed face plate combines an accurate analog panel meter, an engraved logo and LEDs that illuminate in red or in blue, depending on whether the ampliers are on, off or in stand-by mode.
Intelligent Power Management assures that the power consumption conforms with the sound volume.
Circuitry Protection - through the use of electronic fuses, which prevent consequential damages in case of a total loss by a power tube. The fuses react quickly and re-set themselves automatically after the tube has been replaced.

The Challenger 250’s are reliable and designed to provide you with many years of great pleasure and musical enjoyment. These amps are a standout in the market of tube amplifiers and a product for every music-lover who sets value on this advanced technology.

AudioValve Challenger 250 Mono Power Amp

  • Power consumption: min. 150VA - max. 900VA

    Output: 300 Watt sin, 350 watt – RMS

    Damping: 8

    Tubes: 1 * 12AX7, 2 * 12 AU7, 6 * KT 120

    Bandwidth: 15hz – 85khz

    S/N ratio: -69 dbm

    Gain: 28 db

    real full symetricial XLR and RCA inputs jackets

    Input resistance: 47k

    Speaker terminals: 4 + 8 ohm

    Weight: 30 kg

    Size: 42 x 40 x 20 cm (WxDxH)

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