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Opportunities like this do not present themselves often and if you're in the market for a reference pre then please read on. This is the Ivory Edition of the Conductor and was a special commission to be finished in black for a long-standing client of Elite Audio. 
From Audiovalve: 
Experience of two decades forms the constructive background of Conductor. A whole range of innovations and features of the valve and processor age can be found in Conductor, and manifest in a symbiosis of traditional and modern technology unique musical qualities while setting new highlights.The conductor is not for John Q. Public; Conductor is for all those, who, believing in a change of their equipment in search for even better music reproduction, found – Conductor.
Conductor becomes the zeitgeist of the elite, who always had high demands – even in music.
Conductor combines the elements of consequent signal processing in a completely new fully symmetrical circuitry design and never loses sight of a sophisticated outfit.
As for all AudioValve products, the chief himself has had a hand in Conductor's PCBs. The complex designs of the circuit boards took nearly 12 months and followed strictly the design optimization for signal and live conductor paths. The complex double-sided circuit boards come per unit close to 30 dm2. In this way highly constant DC voltage as well as signals arrive straight at the valves via a few centimetres of circuit conductors and contribute to a homogeneous and balanced music reproduction.
The amplifier is separated into three components: signal component, power supply and micro-controller. Signal and power supply components come in separate casings while the controller is part of the amplifier display and handles all tasks in terms of control. Left and right channels are strictly designed as dual mono, within the power supply as well as the signal component.
 The power supply features for the anode potential alone nearly 10,000µF/400VDC, and for the heater component, 100,000µF see to the necessary DC voltage on a 30x30cm circuit board.
An oversized toroidal transformer with static and magnetic shielding supplies a total of 8 conductor paths, four for the production of the anode potential and four for the heat production. On the side of the power supply, everything is done to be completely safe from any kind of power failures. In keeping the paths to the valves as short as possible the voltage stabilizers are located right next to amplifier paths.
They are accompanied by polypropylene condensers as “RF – blockers”. These voltages reach 8 highly constant low-resistance voltage regulators, which take the last bit of ripple out of the heater as well as the anode potential and supply an amazingly clean supply voltage, no matter how the mains power supply may be.
7 Single Ended and Balanced Inputs
2 Single Ended and Balanced outputs
Remote Control
Stereophile Review: 
''As I fired up the Conductor for the first time, I had a thought. Given this preamp's lofty price, it would be nice to be able to say that it was completely uncolored, and had no sonic shortcomings whatsoever. A few days of listening later, it had become clear that, without equivocation, I could say just that. Three months of listening later, having found no flaws whatsoever in the Conductor's sound'' - Robert J Reina 
Approximately 12 months old. In excellent condition.
Original box and packing.
24-month warranty provided.
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AudioValve Conductor Ivory Reference Edition Pre-Amplifier

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