The AudioValve team is proud to present – just before the end of 2007 – a further superlative product, the CONDUCTOR.


Besides ASSISTENT 50, CONDUCTOR is the second product rolled out by AudioValve within a year. The quality of this new and unique product reflects the confidence of our customers and importers alike, without whose innovative contributions this product could not have been realized. Our special thanks go to all of you.


Experience of two decades forms the constructive background of CONDUCTOR. A whole range of innovations and features of the valve and processor age can be found in CONDUCTOR and manifest in a symbiosis of traditional and modern technology unique musical qualities while setting new highlights.

CONDUCTOR is not for John Q. Public; CONDUCTOR is for all those, who, believing in a change of their equipment in search for even better music reproduction, found - CONDUCTOR.


CONDUCTOR becomes the zeitgeist of the elite, who always had high demands – even in music.

AudioValve Conductor Pre-Amplifier

  • - dual chassis with separate power supply
    - dual mono circuit design, including power supply
    - real symmetric input/output for negative/positive signal phase for both channels
    - no feedback loop
    - input impedance 47kOhm
    - output impedance 300 Ohm
    - bandwidth 5Hz – 200kHz
    - gain 14dB
    - input connectors: 2 x 6 XLR and 2 x 6 RCA terminals
    - output connectors: 2 x 2 XLR and 2 x 2 RCA terminals
    - valves: 2 x 6N6P and 6 x 6N1P
    - manual operation and remote control
    - mute and standby functions
    - memory volume control for each input with 6-section analog potentiometer
    - microprocessor-controlled with 2.1” color graphic display
    - power consumption: 150VA
    - dimensions amplifier: 480 x 140 x 380 mm
    - dimensions power supply: 480 x 80 x 380 mm
    - weight: 25 kg (combined)
    - optical edition: black/gold or chrome or silver/chrome


    Micro Controller Display
    - AVS: "automatic volume setting" for each indivual input channel
    - warm-up phase with analog bar graph
    - counter operation hours
    - analog volume bar graph
    - selected source mode
    - selected output mode
    - standby mode
    - mute mode
    - and more ...

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