The MKII features:


  • A better and special output transformer ( PIKATRON )with the possibility of the connection for a pair of 8 ohms loudspeakers
  • Balance control +/- 3dB
  • Stereo analog volume panel meter
  • One pair of adjustable XLR outputs for power amps (+ only )
  • 2 pairs of 8 ohm Speaker output terminals ( speaker efficency up tp 94 dB )


For many interested earphone-enthusiasts, who spend a lot of money on their hobby, only a melodious tube amplifier is possible as a driver. The answer to the question: „ Which do I take? “ can only say: the EARTUBE of AudioValve!


The Eartube was developed especially for the highest-quality reproduction with earphonesand serves very well impedances of 16 to 200 ohms. He unfolds his big strength with roughly 4 watts per canal in 100 ohms. For that reason he is very well suitable e.g. for the K1000 by AKG.


The Eartube is a pure tube amplifier and owns no semiconductor in the signal way. Merely the stabilization for the tube heatings and anode tensions occurs highly exactly with semiconductors.


The amplifier owns two switchable entrances with different delicacy. Thus can be connected, e.g., CD player and TUNER at the same time.


The input circuit of the amplifier owns three tubes of the Type 6N3P and prepares the signal for the output stage tubes. In this area of the circuit also the volume potentiometer with the shiftable or detachable Crossfeed filter is located, to distribute potential signal bass charge on merely one ear to both ears.


The output stages use the power Tetrode of the type: QQE 03/12 as the military version by SIEMENS and work in circuit PP with a transformer which is tuned especially to the interests of earphones.


The final tubes work constantly in Class A and are postregulated automatically optimally in the Bias closed current, so that tolerance and aging of the tubes do not matter.


The care tensions are won from a strong, free of litter, Torodial-Transfomator. The amplifier itself rests on one single two-page printed circuit board and was adapted signal-technically optimally. For this reason also the potentiometer is in the rear part of the printed circuit board to hold the signal way short. All parts on the PCB are of the best quality and selected carefully to do justice to the requirements of the reproduction in every regard. The case is from metal and prevents interferences from the outside. It is available in the colours black and silver. 


Like all products of AudioValve this amplifier also distinguishes itself especially by his exceptional musicality which is based at last also on the fantastic technical values of the circuit and their stability. As a user you will be able to enjoy this product in the highest perfection for many years enthusiastically and come with it to the pleasure of fantastically detached musical reproduction with your headphones.

AudioValve Eartube MKII Headphone Amplifier

    • Bass - crossfeed filter is implemented ( switchable )

    • power output: 2 * 3,5 watt

    • Tube: 3 x 6N3P and 2 x QQE 03/12 (Siemens long life military version).

    • This is an amp for relaxed and comfortable listening. 

    • 2 high quality NEUTRIK headphone output jackets on front

    • Gain factor: Input 1: (14,5 dB), Input 2: (21,5 dB)

    • 2 pairs of Gold-plated RCA - input jacks.

    • 1 pair golden XLR volume controlled pre outputs for separate power amps ( 400 ohm imp. )

    • S/N ration 100 dB

    • channel separation 70dB

    • power band wide 8 - 80.000 hz

    • Input impedance 47 kOhm

    • impedances headphones: 8 - up to 200  

    • headphone and speakers usable at the same time

    • Silver or gold plated knobs  .

    • Alps log- - potentiometer for volume control.

    • 100 and 245 VAC main voltage versions available.

    • Earthground / signalground floating connected

    • high precisition plate and heating voltage lines.

    • power consumption 100 VA

    • Weight: 8  kg.

    • Size: wide: 38cm x deeph: 26cm x high: 12cm. 

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