AUDIOVALVE`s  Eclipse comes equipped with high quality ALPS motor volume control flawlessly installed onto its wired PC board. Specially designed  in steel bracket provide extra support for the controls, which are linked to a volume control rod using a special universal joint. All parts are matched between the left and right channels to perfection (resisters and caps). The output stage is capable of driving any load at any ohmage.


The face plate features sleek, custom made brass anodized knobs. Added to the front panel are more color LED displays, which change color in different mode. 


The AUDIOVALVE´s Eclipse features a striking faceplate stroked with easy-to-read gold lettering. The back panel and bottom plate of the chassis is made of  4 mm  rugged steel polished in a smooth black finish.

The Eclipse is generous in input and output, 20 in all. All gold plated and soldered directly to the I/O board. Among the connectors: seven line inputs, one complete tape loop (I/O), and two pre-amp outputs. Added to the unit are two high quality rotary switches. They are warranted and tested for 25,000 rotations. Additionally, the switches are sealed, keeping dust and corrosion to a minimum. Screws are used to attach the switches to a specially designed I/O board. Again, no wires are used, resulting in shorter signal paths and less noise.


All parts were carefully matched for the most exacting tolerances. Condensers are of the highest quality and the total is completed by the use of classic NOS resistors. The ECLIPSE is versatile, as well. Its solid and slightly projecting rear has both balanced and single ended outputs as well as a full array of single ended input connections.


The beauty and elegance of the ECLIPSE`s design and construction mirrors the purity and vibrancy of its musical presentation. Music is freed from the boundaries of the speakers. The ECLIPSE was created to pay a special homage to all musicians and the music they create.

AudioValve Eclipse Pre-Amplifier

    • Concept: high class douple mono pre-amplifer

    • Output Level: 15 V max.

    • Power Bandwide: 4 - 45.000 Hz.

    • Distortion: 0,1 % (1V)

    • Noise: 0,05 mV (Volume noise limiter)

    • Inputs: 7 Line In, & 1 Line Out, tape loop

    • Output Impedance: 300 Ohms

    • Power Consumption: 40 Watt

    • Line Voltage: 117 up to 240 VAC

    • Valve Line - Up: 4*6189 (12AU7)

    • Spec.-Features: Stand By & Mute Function, rem. - Control

    • Dimensions: (w-d-h) 420 * 320 * 130 mm

    • Weight Net: 20 kg

    • input configuration:
      CD1 - 17 dB - 20K
      CD1 - 22 dB - 16K5
      AU1 - 15 dB - 19K
      AU2 - 20 dB - 15K
      AU3 - 24 dB - 15K
      TUN - 26 dB - 17K
      TP   - 26 dB - 17K 


    NOTE: please examine the inputs for your needs. Also for sound quality examine the more sensitive inputs.

    • new remote controls unit for all models, black or silver anodized, in a really heavy full metal aluminium case !
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