The initial work on amplifiers for electrostatic headphones, ranging in AudioValve back to the year 1984. For this period Becker developed a stereo signal modulated constant current source realized with tubes of the type 6CK4, Headhpone for Jecklin float (s. diagram). The principle worked very well and was sold at the DIY scene and also submitted for a patent. Becker had at that time, however, his entire creative force for the development of medical laboratory equipment for hematology, to determine the clotting times of blood plasmas such as Quick, PTT, AT-III, etc. dedicate came across Europe in every hospital to use (blood coagulation ball - method). For this reason, the passion for audio electronics unfortunately had to again and again stand back and "ESV" never went into production. But documents from this early history prove that Becker with completely unorthodox creative solutions to progressive ideas for converting audio tube concepts - also worked for electro static Headphones - and since everything to be able to take park in claim without a university measuring instruments. So it's not that Becker has dealt only recently with the topic headphone amplifier, but for over 30 years.

AudioValve Luminare Headphone Amp

  • Features:

    • power consumption: 80 VA nominal -  120 VA full load
    • power switch ON / OFF 
    • headphone protector
    • auto gain switch for STAX
    • 2 x switchable inputs 1+2
    • input 1: set XLR jacks with parallel RCA   
    • input 2: RCA only 2 pair jacks as  signal IN / OUT loop
    • 1 x RCA PRE - OUT, 20 :1
    • 2 x NEUTRIK Combo jacks 6,3mm + XLR
    • 1 NEUTRIK 4 pin headphone jack
    • 1 x STAX Teflon female connector
    • 1 x ALPS Potentiometer
    • 1 x 3 mode switch, LI - OTL - STAX
    • and more ...
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