Sundila is a three stage phono-preamplifier, based on 6922 (ECC88) and  12AX7 (ECC83) frame grid tubes, suitable for two MM- and MC-cartridges at the same time. Independently for the two phono inputs, impedance and capacitive load can be set separately and 'on-the -fly' while listening. Thus the user can easily configure the unit to match the features of the cartridge by selecting the optimal input resistance and capacitance for each input separately!

Switches in front are found for: MM/MC mode for each input; input 1 or 2; selectors are used to select different resistor and capacitive input loads.


In MM mode the gain will be 23 dB lower than MC and at a fixed input-impedance of 47 K.

In MC mode the preamp will have 20 dB higher gain and switchable input resistors and condensers. The RIAA de-emphasis is passive and split between the first and second stage. Dividing the RIAA network over two amplification stages lowers the insertion losses of the passive network dramatically. Furthermore, the design holds a total absence of feedback, thus increasing the overall dynamics.

Power supplies are solid state regulated. This is the best way to obtain a low noise and supply line with a very low impedance that will increase the performance in the lower frequency range. The power transformer is housed in a separate aluminum case.

AudioValve Sunilda Phono Pre-Amplifier

  • Gain: MM 41dB, MC 63dB ( 1Khz )
    Input selectable LOAD resistors: 47 R,    100 R,    220 R,    470 R,    1 K,    47 K ( for MM only ) 
    Input selectable LOAD capacitors:  0 p,    100 p,     220 p,    470p,    1000p,    0 p
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 65 KHz +/- 3 dB
    Subsonic filter roll-off: 20 Hz
    Max output amplitude: 14V pk
    RIAA accuracy max.: +/- 0,18dB
    Distortion: MM 0,24 %, MC 0,32% (1Khz - 2V out)
    Noise: MM - 63dB, MC - 73dB
    Circuit type: 3 stages single ended, buffered ouputs
    RIAA network: passive 
    Tubes: 2 x 6922 (6N1P),   2 x 12AX7
    mode functions: Stand - by and mute functions
    Power supplies: high accuray solid state regulated
    Power transformer: outside housed and shielded
    Power requirements: 115/230 - 245 Ac - 50/60Hz
    Powerconsumption: Watts: 50 VA
    Dimensions:   cm, W x H x D :42 * 32 * 14 (same as Eklipse)
    Weight:  Kg: 20 kg

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