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 Audiozen AMAGI Power Amplifier 

Amagi is the Audiozen power amplifier designed for optimum performance

at an excellent price / quality ratio



The sumerian word Amagi originates from the noun ama “mother” and the present participle gi “return”, thus literally meaning “returning to mother”, symbolizing the release from slavery. It is the first known written reference to the concept of freedom.


Amagi power amplifier by Audiozen has been conceived to make the musical message loose, fast, free, avoiding the presence of useless frills that could deteriorate the information it contains.


Amagi is equipped with the power stage of Embrace hybrid hugging amplifier, here depowered from 100 to 45 watts per channel on 8 Ω, adopting an oversized power transformer and superb power transistors. The devices delegated to the current supply are polarized in class AB, line inputs are decoupled with excellent Jantzen polypropylene capacitors.


Amagi is the power amplifier of the Audiozen Presence Range, a range of products dedicated to those who want to know the brand to test its construction quality and sonic qualities. The Presence Range is not the younger brother of the Zen Range, but it is the result of an approach designed for the audio enthusiast who seeks the best compromise between outstanding dynamic delivery and excellent value for money, with a power certainly suitable to drive most of the loudspeakers on the market.


On the aluminum front panel are located the power switch and another switch with which can be turned off vu-meters’ backlight; even if it is switched off, a led will constantly indicate the power on of the device. Vu-meters are enhanced by an elegant red perspex frame.


On the rear panel two pairs of rugged rhodium-plated binding posts ensure a perfect connection to speaker cables, whether they are stripped or terminated with banana plugs or spades.


Sonic result is stunning: great transparency, fine low frequencies control and extreme naturalness.


Instead of choosing a different circuit scheme, the designer has decided to use the power stage that, improved over the years and here with lower power, still equips the Embrace hybrid hugging amplifier, the Audiozen creation that constantly receives excellent feedback from audiophiles around the world.


8 mm thick Asian doussié solid wood sides, 10 mm thick aluminum front panel, sturdy rear binding posts and first class RCA connectors, stainless steel buttons: all of that complete an Audiozen creation conceived, despite the price, without compromises.


Audiozen AMAGI Power Amplifier

  • Type

    Power Amplifier

    Output Power @ 8 Ω - 4 Ω

    45 - 78 Watts Per Channel



    Toroidal Transformer

    1 X 200 VA

    Sensitivity/Input Impedance

    1 Volt/10 KΩ



    Transistors Per Channel


    Available Finishes

    Silver & Black


    348 X 98 X 295mm (WxHxD)


    5 Kg

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