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 Audiozen EMBRACE 'Hybrid Hugging' (Integrated) Amplifier 


How Audiozen describe this remarkble amp:

"We had to do it: the evolutionary process is not only linked to living beings but it is also related to the realizations of man. The creations of the mind and heart mature, evolve to the point of changing their skin, turning into something different, probably better, certainly something that makes the evolution explicit.

"We wanted to do it: Alchemy, Audiozen’s first integrated amplifier, in about five years made our approach to music known in Europe and overseas, it was highly appreciated by the public and the specialized press, and had already been internally updated to improve their driving and control capabilities.

"We can do it: the vision of a new approach is the fusion of evolution and experience, where the designer and his team can lead a path free from constraints towards a higher sonic and aesthetic goal.

"And in this era in which contact between human beings is almost forbidden, we have poured so much passion into this project that this time we give you the hug: the new Embrace amplifier is not an integrated, because it does not integrate but it embracestube preamplifier and a transistor power stage.


"It is not just a different way of describing, it is the necessary clarification for a creation that is itself an embrace to music: a hug cannot be fake and, at the same time, a hug has no barriers."



Features and characteristics

Two NOS tubes preamplify the audio signal that passes through fine ClarityCap ESA series polypropylene capacitors to reach a transistor power stage that enriches with its current the natural and enveloping tone of the tubes.


All of this wouldn’t be in perfect harmony if it weren’t powered flawlessly: this hybrid configuration, this embrace of technologies is powered by a separate power stage.Just physically separated, because it is firmly connected to the main unit via a cable of adequate section equipped with an oversized connector stable up to 30 Amps.


The separate power supply section houses three toroidal transformers: the 50 VA pair is dedicated to the preamplifier section, the massive 300 VA unit is connected to the power stage. The power switch (“hug power”) is located on the front panel: in the stand-by position the Embrace’ preamplifier stage only is switched on, to heat the heart of the tubes before supplying energy to the power stage when the hug power switch will be turned on.


Embrace is a creation where the position and the function of each component has been studied with meticulous precision to obtain electrical characteristics well above the standards.


In the Embrace the volume becomes the control of the hug intensity, the vu-meters are now the hug meters and the hug meters light knob will be used to switch on, attenuate or switch off the backlighting.


If a hug has no barriers, Embrace lets itself be looked at, it has nothing to hide, it wants to reassure the viewer: a transparent perspex cover constantly bares his heart.


8 mm thick Asian doussié solid wood sides, solid machined aluminum knobs, 10 mm thick aluminum front panel, sturdy rear binding posts and first class RCA connectors, remote control for volume management: all of that complete an Audiozen creation conceived without compromise.


Get hugged.

Audiozen EMBRACE Integrated Amplifier

  • Type

    Hybrid Hugging Amplifier

    Output Power @ 8 Ω - 4 Ω

    100 - 175 W Per Channel



    NOS Tubes

    2 X ECC88 (Or Equivalent)

    Frequency Response

    20 - 50.000 Hz +/- 3dB

    Input Impedance

    100 KΩ

    Signal-To-Noise Ratio


    Line Inputs

    4 X RCA

    Monitor Output

    1 X RCA

    Available Finishes

    Silver & Black

    Main Unit Dimensions

    348 X 138 X 295mm (WxHxD)

    Main Unit Weight

    5,4 Kg

    PSU Dimensions

    340 X 98 X 245mm (WxHxD)

    PSU Weight

    7,4 Kg

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