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 Audiozen GOLIA 1000 Balanced Power Controller 

Golia 1000 is the balanced power controller by Audiozen, the necessary complement that regenerates the electrical voltage to better power your high end system


Audiozen creations are designed for listening to music in the best possible way, trying to find the best circuit solutions for a result above suspicion. At the same time it is take into consideration the “way” in which an high fidelity system is powered: this in fact can frustrate the final result, compromising the performance of the audio chain.


Audiozen is not for the half measures, the minimalism that has always distinguished its projects hides performances that are now recognized worldwide, that’s why Audiozen have assembled what it could be the best device for powering an high-end system, the Golia 1000.


The Golia 1000 is the first made in Italy balanced power controller. Inside Golia 1000 a 1KVA transformer regenerates the input voltage by induction with a 1:1 ratio, so it is not a stabilizer but an isolator, since the voltage on the output is regenerated by induction, with two important peculiarities.


The first is that on the output, on the secondary, a central “socket” is connected to earth, so that the two extremes will be “half way” to earth, thus constituting a balanced circuit. This artifact will nullify any reactive current, that may cause various disturbances when we connect our audio devices to the classic electric socket, by its unbalanced nature, since one of the two poles (normally the neutral) is connected to the earth.


To give a better idea we think of audio signal cables: an unbalanced RCA cable must be short and well shielded, a balanced XLR cable has always been used for live concerts or in any case where long distances are required, as all the noises will be discharged at the balancing point of the two signals in phase opposition.


The second is that in the transformer inside the Golia 1000, designed by the Italian Elcos Company on Audiozen specifications, there is a screen between the primary and secondary, which will dispel towards the ground any undesired extra voltage or spikes.


The LED on the front of the appliance is also important, it will light up when two conditions are met: that the system to which the Golia 1000 will be connected is earthed and that the appliance is connected correctly, ie in the direction in which the phase is connected to the servoassisted (by the “power” switch on the frontal panel) professional relay. A power relay ensures better contact if compared to a common switch.


On the back panel of the Golia 1000 there are the six 16 Amperes sockets made in Austria by PCE, which accept Schuko and 10 Amperes plugs; the total load must not exceed about 800 Watts (continuous power).


Audiozen is minimalism and great performances: so Golia 1000 has no other circuit, like surge protection devices or current limiting magnetic switches, detrimental to sound quality. There are no capacitors and inductor filters too.


Now let’s think about how your system might sound if you connected it to the Golia 1000: it will be an audio chain powered by a voltage that no longer carries noises, spikes, by a current that will give to the system a substantial increase in the dynamic range, bringing out hidden details of your favorite songs. And, after all, it’s obvious: drastically reducing background noise adds clarity and realism to the musical event.

Audiozen GOLIA 1000 Balanced Power Controller

  • Type

    AC Balanced Crossover

    Input Voltage

    AC 115/120 - 230/240 Volts

    Input Frequency

    50/60 Hz

    Max Power

    1 KVA

    Output Outlets

    6 X 16 A

    Available Finishes

    Silver & Black


    340 X 178 X 295 Mm (WxHxD)


    20,5 Kg

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