Quattro is the evidence of the growth of Audiozen brand in the choice of each internal component for an enhanced listening pleasure.


Quattro, like all the Audiozen Reference Line products, is designed and handcrafted in Italy with the best European components.


Quattro is the reference preamplifier according to Audiozen.


Quattro in italian means four, so:

Four tubes: a 6CG7 (the 6SN7 noval socket version), and a 6C4 (an ECC82 but with only one triode inside) per channel. All strictly NOS.


Four high-impedance unbalanced inputs for the best interfacing with every source.


Four oversized toroidal transformers: two toroidal transformers per channel, connected in series in pairs to create a double galvanic isolation from the mains to the anode voltage.

Quattro has a separate Power Supply Unit.


Four power supply circuits, two per channel. The Quattro is totally Dual Mono.


Quattro is equipped with a prestigious motorized ALPS potentiometer connected to the remote volume control circuit.


Only ClarityCap SA series fine polypropylene capacitors in the audio signal path.


The front panel of the Quattro has a modern and elegant design, features aluminum knobs machined from solid.


The "Power" switch on the front of the device drives a relay located in the separate Power Supply Unit, which allows the flow of current.


Quattro volume remote control is made by Doro, Swedish multinational company leader in technological accessories. The remote control has five more functions easily programmable by the user.


The Quattro is the fourth Audiozen preamplifier: the Quattro delivers a level of resolution, refinement and control that improve dramatically in every sense the listening experience.

Audiozen Quattro Reference Dual Mono Tube Preamplifier

  • NOS tubes

    6CG7 x 2 - 6C4 x 2

    Input impedance

    100 KΩ

    Output impedance

    < 400 Ω

    Signal-to-noise ratio

    98 dB

    Unbalanced inputs


    Unbalanced outputs



    16 dB

    Output polarity

    non inverting

    Available finishes

    silver (black upon request)

    Main unit dimensions

    340 x 135 x 245 mm (W x H x D)

    Main unit weight

    3,8 Kg

    PSU dimensions

    240 x 95 x 295 mm (W x H x D)

    PSU weight

    5,5 Kg.

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