Super Leggera dual cabinet

Line outputs: 2 sets

Digital outputs: 1 Digital DenLink and 1 BNC

Digital Input: 1 coax using BNC.

Converter type: 24 bit

Customized CD transport

Power supply size: 3x90 VA with 6 seperate windings

Storage capacity: 660.000 uF

Output stage: a non feedback design without local or global feedback

Main micro processor can be upgraded via a computer

Double sided Teflon circuit board.

4 layers DAC board.

DA Converter with shunt regulators in the PSU.

Prepared for the Gizmo system remote and available in a bundle pack with this.

Prepared for multiroom

Prepared for intelligent communication with other Densen products via the DenLink cable

Finish: Black with gold or chrome buttons / Albino with chrome buttons.



Densen B-475 CD Player

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