One of Our Favourite NEW Isolation Platforms, these have been "Bflying" out the door. We have found this platform also works well with Amplifiers too and a lovely snug fit with the Musical fidelity Encore.


Complex absorption with different materials on 2 layers:
- 5 absorber elements under your Linn®
- 3 height adjustable absorber feet




  • MDF Base matching the Linn® Base
  • Massive wooden frame
  • Integrated damping with Sorbothane, cork and natural rubber
  • Three height adjustable absorber PRO* feet with an additional aluminium ring at the base (double damping)
  • Integrated damping under the Linn® with 5 absorbers 
  • 4 absorbers under the feet of the Linn®
  • One absorber positioned centrally under the base plate of the Linn eliminates the negative vibrations of the standard base plate


New PRO* feet: Through a very fine adaptation of these aluminium rings & the absorber material, horizontal vibrations are reduced further - the end result is improved overall absorption efficiency.  These horizontal oscillations are mainly caused by the speakers in the room.


Installation: Dismount the original feet of the Linn®. Four replacement screws are enclosed. Place the turntable onto the bFly-audio absorber base - job done!


In the case of Trampolin board you have to remove this and mount the original base plate. If you don't have the original plate we can supply a suitable replacement.

bFly Audio LBASE PRO Isolation Platform For Linn

Replacement Base
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