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The New PURE Series replaces the MASTER series as bFly-audio's premiere high end solution, providing the ultimate set of feet for isolating your sensitive hi-fi equipment.  It is supplied as a set of 4.  Designed using MLA-Technology with a very complex layer model.  

The new PURE range has a gel pad on the underside and an air cell between the two aluminium layers to provide an additional pneumatic damping effect.

Possible configurations:

  • With the cork side under the feet of the device, or
  • Positioned directly under the metal equipment base

​For Tube amplifiers, we recommend the specialist PURE TUBE range.

The combination of highly efficient absorber materials used, eliminates a wide range of disturbance frequencies. Because of the cumulation filtering, the end result is a much higher absorption efficiency compared to absorbers composed of just one or two materials.

The end result:  The sound is more relaxed, spacial and natural.

bFly Audio PURE Luxury Feet

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