bFly-audio believe that combining dissimilar layers in a specific sequence, results in the very best broadband resonance attenuation. The PowerBase together with the PROfessional feet, represents the pinnacle of the practical expertise gained by bFly-audio over the past decade, consisting of a total of 11 absorption layers.

PowerBase comes supplied with three PROfessional feet, top & bottom aluminium plates and an earthing unit to minimise electrical interference.

bFly Audio The PowerBase Isolation Platform


    • Specially arranged laminations of bamboo of total thickness 30mm (three layers each counter-rotated by 90° for optimum absorption);
    • 3mm thick anotised Aluminum on both the upper AND lower sides to minimise high-frequency noise & electrical interference (particularly recommended for use with Digital sources and DAC's);
    • 3 PROfessional MLA Absorber, height adjustable feet (this "tripod" arrangement normally results in the best results, although an optional additional foot can be added if preferred);
    • Earthing unit and UK mains plug.
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