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Cayin CS-6 RCA Interconnect Cables


The Cayin CS-6RCA offers high-fidelity RCA cables designed for exceptional audio performance. These cables feature high-purity copper conductors for superior conductivity and signal transmission. The double shielding protects against interference, ensuring clear and accurate sound.


The cables are encased in a durable, flexible jacket and feature gold-plated connectors for reliable, corrosion-resistant connections. Ideal for audiophiles and professionals, the CS-6RCA enhances the audio experience with its robust build and excellent sound quality.

Cayin CS-6 RCA Interconnect Cables

  • Material and Build:

    • Core Material: Single Crystal Copper (7N)

    • Shield Material: Silver Plated

    Cable Specifications:

    • Shield: Dual Shielding for improved signal integrity

    • Insulation: High-density polyethylene insulation

    • Outer Jacket: Durable and flexible PVC

    Connector Specifications:

    • RCA Plug: Rhodium-plated for enhanced signal transmission

    • Pin Material: Beryllium Copper with Rhodium-plated finish

    • Connector Housing: Precision machined aluminum alloy

    Design and Engineering:

    • Construction: Double-layer shield for maximum noise rejection

    • Cable Design: Litz wire structure for superior conductivity and signal purity

    Performance Metrics:

    • Frequency Response: Maintains signal integrity across a wide frequency range

    • Impedance: Optimized for low signal loss and high fidelity


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