The CHALLENGER series of monoblocs are the foundation of the AudioValve range of amplifiers, which have been refined and perfected since first introduced in 1987.


The CHALLENGER is unique in so many key areas. For example, it can use KT-88s, 6550s or EL-34s with equal ease as power tube. And depending on the tube used, its output can range from 110 wpc to as high as 180 wpc. This is made possible by our revolutionary and proprietary ABRcircuitry, which monitors, biases and controls each tube independently in the most AudioValve power amplifers.


This feature allows the use of any of the mentioned tubes or, indeed, a combination of any of the three. This redefines in a truly innovative way the concept of "plug and play." It also makes tube replacement very economical, as there is no need for costly and exotic tubes which have to be matched in order to get the best sound from the amplifier.



AudioValve Challenger 115 Mono Power Amp

  • prinzip: Parallel-push-pull power amp with parallel-symetrical-cross- coupled driver stag

    tubes: 2*12AU7, 1*12AX7, 6*beam power pentode for example: KT 88, EL 34, 6550

    operate: class - A

    power output: 180 Watt (KT 88)

    power consumption: 320 Watt - Stand by mode - 80 Watt

    max. short circuit current: 70 ampere between 2 ohm terminals

    input sen.: 0 dBm

    input imp.: 2 * 47K

    output imp: 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 ohm

    connectors: XLR & RCA input-jacket

    power bandwide: 5-40.000 hz

    distortion: 0,3% - 50 Watt (8 ohm load)

    damping: 5

    bias: autom. contolled with "ABR" for all power tubes

    size: 43*28*24 cm, D-H-W

    weight: 48 pound

    Stand-by mode: switchable

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