Lindemann musicbook:55 Power Amp

  • class D power amplifier


    The musicbook: 55 is our most recent offer for music lovers who value excellent sound, but also enjoy whooping it up at times. Punchy, well-contoured lows, most delicately sculptured highs and an extremely homogeneous and transparent vocal reproduction are the strong points of this new power amplifier.


    The musicbook: 55 is a class D stereo power amplifier based on a multi-patented circuit design, the UCD amplifier. Owing to a circuit layout that’s been reduced to the essentials, a discrete circuit design and careful fine-tuning the musicbook: 55 achieves a sound quality that makes a lot of big bolides look pretty much outdated. A sound, so rich in detail, natural and particularly dynamic! Just lend your ear and you’ll be surprised at how good class D can sound these days.


    At a glance

    • Reference level class D power amplifier
    • Output power 2x240 W (stereo) or 1x450 W (mono bridged)
    • Configurable: stereo, mono bi-amping, mono bridged
    • Patented UCD technology
    • Discrete circuit design
    • Extremely short and logical signal path
    • Open, natural and dynamic sound image




    Protection circuits

    • DC at output: power supply switches off.
    • Excess temperature: amplifier goes into mute until the temperature has dropped by approx. 10 °C.
    • Output current limiter: amplifier goes into mute for ca. 0.25 seconds. Switching threshold 16 A peak. In case of continuous overdrive the amplifier will go on and off several times in a row.


    Automatic turn-on

    • Input signal switching threshold: approx. 0.5 mV.
    • Idle mode: power supply active, amplifier muted. Power consumption 1.0 W.
    • Standby mode: only stand-by power supply active. Power consumption 0.5 W.
    • Active mode: power supply and amplifier both active. Power consumption depending on volume level 20-50 W average, 800 W max. peak power.
    • Switch-on times: approx. 2 seconds from idle to active mode; approx. 8 seconds from standby  to active mode.
    • Switch-off times: after 20 minutes the amplifier will return to idle mode, after another 20 minutes to standby mode.


    Power Amplifiers

    • XLR inputs: analog line level inputs with 20 kOhms input impedance.
    • RCA inputs: analog line level inputs with 10 kOhms input impedance.
    • Speaker outputs: safety banana lab sockets (4mm) for connecting loudspeakers with 4–8 ohms.
    • Power output: 240 W into 4 ohms per channel (<1 min).
    • Maximum output current: 16 A peak. 
    • Gain: 27.8 dB (24.5-times).
    • Frequency response: 0 Hz – 45 kHz (-3 dB).
    • THD & noise: <0,05% typ.


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