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 Origin Live LINEAR FLOW 2 “Unshielded” Interconnect Cable 


Linear Flow 2 “Unshielded” Interconnect Cable

Linear Flow 2 is an outstanding high performance design. Developed from years of accumalated experience and testing in this field, the cable embodies the best theory and practice.


The cable is a fully balanced design (however it is suitable for both balanced and unbalanced systems) consisting of a twisted pair of leads to minimize inductance. It is unusual in employing a combination of over 5 dielectric insulators to ensure an even response across the audible frequency range. Great care has been taken to optimize key electrical characteristics such as impedance, inductance and capacitance. Experimentation with silver and silver plated strands was conducted but high purity copper was ultimately selected for it’s more natural tonal balance.


If phono plugs are specified then Eichman Bullet plugs are fitted as standard. These plugs have an enviable reputation as one of the best available. XLR s can also be fitted to order.

When it comes to listening, the most obvious aspect of the new cable is the sheer tangibility of the sound. There is a completely new level of intimacy and expression added to everything. Vocals are incredibly realistic. Previously un-noticed background musical strands can be clearly followed due to the superb resolution and separation. The ringing and mush present in lesser cables is eliminated.

Origin Live LINEAR FLOW 2 “Unshielded” Interconnect Cable

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