Product Overview 


The CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM is a stereo amplifier with high tech board – and circuit-design in a classic aluminium casing.

High quality, machined surfaces, timeless design and the authentic audioplayback quality render the CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM a outstanding and individual product.


Compact insides, elegant surface:

  • The CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM features a distinct chassis made of milled aluminium that protects and stabilizes the electronic components and doubles as a heat exchanger to divert the heat produced by the amplifying circuits
  • Precisision made quality
  • Modern circuit board design as well as broadband decoupling of supply voltage frequencies up to 1GHz guarantee extremely high electric stability and minimize electromagnetic interferences.
  • Love for music combined with technical finesse
  • The setup with various controls as well as a ergonomic remote control lead to maximum usability and top off the overall package of the CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM as a well designed unit that ensures maximum enjoyment when listening to music.
  • A special feature is the ability to adjust software loudness to speaker efficiency, ensuring smooth and progressive volume behaviour. Each input can be adjusted to its source (CD-Player, DAC, Tuner, Phono etc) in 2dB steps.


Additional features of the CFA-1.2 NATURAL ALUMINIUM

  • Line and Phono Input from -6dB to +18dB
  • CD Input from -12dB to +12dB
  • Volume Display either Bars or Numbers
  • Remote Control Crayon Standard or Bent Audio available
  • Balance, Bass and Treble of the Setup can be adjusted.


Our units are available in standard aluminium or timeless elegant black.

Crayon CFA-1.2 Stereo Amplifier

£4,400.00 Regular Price
£2,395.00Sale Price
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