CD Xt Signature


The CD Xt Signature is a dedicated CD transport which produces audiophile sound quality. It is manufactured with a range of performance enhancing techniques and components, including an evolved version of our Servo Evolution technology.


Servo Evolution


Our SE platform is specifically engineered to retrieve data from an audio CD with the fewest errors. To provide ideal data output for hi-fi, Cyrus controls the whole electromechanical servo system providing superior quality audio than previously possible with conventional drives.


Pure Operation


By removing the onboard DAC, the CD Xt Signature works purely as a digital transport. Removing additional circuitry allows the CD Xt Signature to focus purely on data retrieval and a high performance digital output.




Optical and coaxial outputs provide connectivity to a variety of DAC’s. Our very best digital output stage has been engineered for the CD Xt Signature with signal re-clocking for extremely low jitter.


Precision Loading Drive


CD Xt Signature features the latest generation of our slot load CD technology. This quiet and low contact mechanism provides myriad benefits to the traditional tray method of loading a CD whilst also de-cluttering the front panel for an improved aesthetic.


Power Supply


The CD Xt Signature features an over-specified linear power supply which provides isolation for precision parts of the circuit ensuring the most accurate reproduction possible.

Cyrus CD Xt Signature

  • Outputs
    SPDIF optical 1
    SPDIF coaxial 1
    MC-BUS Yes
    Signal Compatibility
    Maximum signal resolution 16-bit/44.1kHz
    Dimensions (mm)  
    Height 73
    Width 215
    Depth 360
    Weight (kg) 3.6
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