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 Cyrus Classic PRE Pre-amplifier 


The Classic PRE is the latest update to a preamplifier that has been part of the Cyrus product range for over a decade.


This preamplifier provides a significant step up in performance from previous versions by using everything that we learnt when developing the fantastic XR Series, but retaining the familiar design of the Classic series. The circuit design has been completely re-designed and the majority of the internal components have been upgraded by the Cyrus R&D team, which has resulted in sound improvements that will help the Classic series retain a loyal fan base for years to come.

Analogue Preamplifier
The analogue preamp features relay input selection for the five analogue inputs and a precision gain control for volume. The design is intentionally wide bandwidth.

Un/Balanced Outputs
The unbalanced outputs are provided for close wired systems where the power amplifier is located close to the Classic Pre. The balanced outputs are recommended for longer cable runs in systems where the Classic Pre is driving power amplifiers placed close to the system speakers or active speakers.

Power Supply
The Classic Pre power supply includes a 74VA toroidal power transformer delivering power to a high capacity power supply reserve. Within the circuit design, a total of 11 independent power supply regulators regulate, then sub-regulate quiet power. Digital control circuits are assigned a separate mains power supply, completely isolated from the signal circuitry.

The Classic Pre includes a port for the PSX-R power supply. Power from the PSX-R is routed internally to the analogue stages of the preamplifier to provide a more stable, low-noise power supply for the analogue preamp and post-DAC stages of the D/A converter.

Phono MM Input
The phono MM input stage design features dual active gain stages and passive RIAA equalisation.

Cyrus Classic PRE Pre-amplifier

    • 4 x Analogue line level inputs
    • 1 x Phono MM input for vinyl turntable
    • 2 x Coaxial digital inputs via RCA phono
    • 2 x Optical digital inputs via Toslink
    • True balanced outputs via XLR
    • Headphone output via 3.5mm jack
    • Firmware upgrade port
    • PSX-R upgrade connection
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) 215 x 75 x 365mm
    • Weight – 4.4kg
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