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The Cyrus ONE is a multifaceted high performance amplifier cleverly designed by the Cyrus R&D team as a solution that removes the need to be an audiophile enthusiast to get the best out of the amplifier, yet delivers all the audio quality that an audiophile would want.


Featuring Cyrus’ own 3rd generation Class D amplifier providing 2 x 100W of power (into 6 Ω at 0.1% THD+N), aptX ® compatible Bluetooth connection, a dedicated high power , high voltage class AB headphone amplifier, MM Phono stage, and 4 line level inputs this is a high performance solution that will form the heart of many different lifestyle systems. The infra-red remote can control volume and switch inputs, as well as adjusting the brightness of the display LEDs to suit your listening environment. And, because it is made by Cyrus, class leading musical performance is guaranteed.


High Power Amplifier


2 x 100W gives class leading power output that will drive almost any loudspeakers regardless of their size. All that power enables Cyrus ONE to present your music with a huge dynamic range, giving 3D detail and bags of energy without the need to buy big, bulky, inefficient amplifier boxes.


Moving Magnet Phono Stage


Cyrus ONE features a built-in phono stage that is compatible with all moving magnet cartridges and requires no adjustment or extra set up, enabling you to play all your favourite vinyl from most turntables.


Speaker Impedance Adjustment


SID – Speaker Impedance Detection automatically matches the amplifier’s output response to the electrical load of the loudspeakers. This means that matching Cyrus ONE to any brand of loudspeaker has suddenly been made so much easier.


Pre Amplifier Outputs


Pre-Out sockets on the rear panel allow the connection of additional power amplifiers for system upgrades to drive more demanding loudspeakers. This means that Cyrus ONE is not limited by its size or power output for any loudspeaker you may choose.


Bluetooth Enabled (aptX®)


aptX® compatible Bluetooth enables you to stream music from your phone/tablet or computer via a wireless Bluetooth connection, providing maximum flexibility without the need for a home network or any complicated set up. This allows everyone in the family to enjoy their music from their portable devices quickly and easily.


AV Direct


The ability to run the Cyrus ONE as a power amplifier in AV bypass mode enables it to be easily integrated into any home theatre system whilst still offering amazing musical performance.


Class AB headphone amplifier


The high power, high voltage class AB headphone amplifier will drive almost all headphones with ease and with an output on the front, the Cyrus ONE offers a level of musical performance for the personal listening experience that is also easy and convenient.


Stunning Modern Design


The striking design incorporates white LEDs to signify the input selected and the volume setting during playback. The intensity of these LEDs can be adjusted to suit the lighting in the local environment. With textured soft feel controls, a highly polished faceplate and carefully chosen paint finishes, the Cyrus ONE will look stunning in any environment.

Cyrus ONE

  • Connectivity


    - Built-in MM Phono stage
    - aptX® compatible Bluetooth
    - Pre outputs – for connection to separate power amps
    - 4 line level inputs – Including AV Bypass
    - High power, high voltage class AB headphone
    - Bi-wire compatible speaker binding posts




    - IR remote control
    - User upgradable firmware – updates to the latest firmware
      for new features in your own home


    Technical Features


    - Cyrus 3rd generation Class D amplifier – outputs 2 x 100W
    - SID – Speaker Impedance Detection
    - Large toroidal transformer – linear power supply throughout for minimal noise
    - Eleven separate power supplies – to maximise separation of different circuits

    Dimensions & Finish


    - Dimensions: (H X W X D) – 85 x 220 x 390mm
    - Weight – 5.72kg
    - Textured, rubberised and high gloss black finish

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