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  Cyrus Classic PHONO 


Welcome to the new Classic PHONO, the replacement for the Phono Signature.


Since its launch back in 2016, the Phono Signature has been a popular choice for vinyl fans, and with the launch of the Classic PHONO, Cyrus know that it will remain to be as popular as ever.


This is most definitely more an update to the Phono Signature than a redesign. You will be able to see the obvious changes to the outside that bring the Classic PHONO in line with the Classic AMP, PRE, STREAM and POWER. The new baseplate and adjustable feet play a big part in improving the new Classic PHONO, providing improved mechanical isolation as well as greater immunity to external interference, which is vitally important when it comes to the accurate reproduction of audio.


We are pleased to be able to confirm that Cyrus have worked hard to keep the pricing of the Classic PHONO exactly the same as the Phono Signature. Bargain!


Designed to exceed the expectations of the most serious vinyl audiophiles, the purity of the tiny signal produced from the stylus is preserved throughout the amplification journey, through a deep understanding of circuit design and our relentless pursuit of perfection. Music produced from a well-calibrated turntable, good stylus and the Cyrus Classic PHONO is surely one of the finest experiences in audio.



Four turntables may be permanently connected allowing the listener to easily switch between turntables, arms or cartridges as desired.



Stereo output level meters working in real time allow clear and accurate gain adjustment to optimise the headroom available from your system for each MC cartridge.



The Phono Signature enjoys a high capacity and very low noise DC power supply that enables the pre-amplifier to provide an extremely wide dynamic range ensuring extended signal levels long before clipping. Attention to circuit layout and component placement ensures a very low noise floor to further expand musical dynamics.



The passive RIAA filtering uses very high performance metalized polyester capacitors for ultimate accuracy and performance.



Additional performance will be gained by connecting the optional external PSX-R2 power supply. This provides highly regulated DC power for the signal amplification.

Cyrus Classic PHONO

  • New Cyrus Classic PHONO reviews will be here soon!


    Cyrus Phono Signature wins Stereonet Applause Award

  • • MC inputs configurable for gain

    • XLR balanced and RCA outputs

    • Warp filter to reduce bass unit excursion

    • Ground lift switch to help eliminate system hum

    • PSX-R2 port for the ultimate upgrade

    • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 73 x 215 x 360 mm

    • Weight - 4.1kg


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