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World’s First Handcrafted Audiophile Portable Headphones

Thalia – the goddess of festivity, daughter of Zeus. Our Thalia is the goddess of sound, versatility and fun.

These are the portable on-ear headphones which enable you to get up and go. You can take your favourite music with you, complete with the high-end sound quality you want.


They are tuned specifically for portable devices, whether it’s a DAP, phone, portable DAC or tablet. What’s more, they weigh just 270 g meaning you can always have them to hand. This, despite the fact they are crafted of wood and metal, giving them an edgy statement look, without compromising strength or integrity. These are portable headphones which can always be fixed, making them always ready for real-life as a music lover.


With their open cup design, the sound stage is large. Yet they won’t completely cut off the sounds of the outside world which can be dangerous, especially in urban environments. Our octagonal cups are our signature. In Thalia this is paired with exceptional quality and design of cabling; these headphones are connected to your portable device via silver-plated oxygen-free braided copper wire with gold-plated connectors.

Your style
Thalia is your music, your way. Choose between two finishes: Tilia (an immersive dark, linden wood) and Salvage (an airy light, recycled spruce wood).



Erzetich Thalia Headphones

  • Impedance: 32 ohm

    Driver: Dynamic 40 mm, titanium 

    Cup system: Open 

    Weight: 270 g 

    Character: Deep and controlled bass, velvety mids and detailed higs 

    Suggested amp coupling with: portable devices