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Handcrafted Headphone Stand



Audiophile headphones need a home where they are protected and do encroach on sacred music space by just laying around. We created the Tilia Vitro for these reasons – well, and to enhance the extremely cool look of your audio corner. This is especially the case if you have already invested in the superior looking Deimos or Bacillus Tilia headphone amplifier, as the Vitro headphone stand is handcrafted from the same linden wood and enhanced with plexiglass acrylic. It’s a match made for heaven, but even without the Bacillus Tilia, the Tilia Vitro headphone stand is an eye-catching support for your headphones.


Behind the Scenes


After Bacillus Tilia was born, the Tilia concept remained open for other gadgets and by combining acrylic with artificially aged linden wood we fashioned a headphone stand that will compliment any audiophile’s collection of music paraphernalia.


Making this stand turned out to be way more complicated than we expected. Due to a specific manufacturing process, the 20 mm thick acrylic turned out not to be 20 mm all the way through. And the deviation in dimension can sometimes be 2 mm! Since the original idea was to make a wooden base and simply press the acrylic into a tight space, the alteration of size meant that was not an option. The solution was to use a special black rubber-like compound and glue them together.


We also felt it was essential to add some important detail to the stand. If you look at the top and down through the acrylic, you can see the Erzetich logo inside. A nice touch we thought, but one that created even more problems. It would have worked fine if the acrylic was mechanically pressed in, but with the introduction of the black glue, the logo had to be isolated on its own. It was a long and painstaking assembly process, but we can at least step back and say, "that stand looks really cool."



Erzetich Tilia Vitro Headphone Stand

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 mm x 280 mm x 150 mm

    Weight: 1300 g

    Material: wood, acrylic 

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