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 Extraudio LAN One 1m CAT7 High-End Audio cable 
(RJ45 cryogenic treatment, five shields, total shielding, eight pure silver twisted pair cables)

The only Ethernet LAN cable specially formulated to transmit digital audio that we have really been surprised by the immediate improvement when listening to digital music, which is why we can say that the LAN One is a revelation.

It is difficult to believe that a digital audio cable can improve the quality of a binary 0 or 1, or what is the same one bit, but what if we talk about improving a digital transmission? here things change, since we are talking about transmission, noise, and interference in the transmission of digital signals also exist.

The LAN One eliminates and cleans the data flow improving latency and jitter, this is the secret of our Digital cable LAN One.


Extraudio LAN One 1m CAT7 cable

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