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 Extraudio Integrated Amplifier X250 MkIII 


Pure class AD “The magic of vacuum tubes”


Extraudio's X250 CLASS AD Integrated Amplifier consists of the complete XP1 Preamplifier combined with the CLASS AD Power Amplifier module.

The unparalleled synergy of this combination further accentuates the live sound of Extraudio; it delivers 250W of highly efficient power into 4 Ohms per channel.


The X250 MkIII integrated amplifier delivers the warm, velvety tone of a valve amplifier added to the clean, punchy sound of a class AD amplifier making it a great musical all-rounder of outstanding class in every sense of the word.


This integrated amplifier, just like any Extraudio product, captures the musician’s intentions and reproduces each and every one of the nuances of the music rapidly, smoothly, and with a warm, velvety sound; it is macro detailed but without sounding aggressive or producing listening fatigue—you will want to keep turning up the volume.


The X250 MkIII integrated amplifier offers us the characteristic Extraudio sound; extremely powerful while retaining all the nuances. It’s a great allrounder.


At Extraudio, they believe that the preamplifier creates 90% of the sound, so they have worked at this stage to develop an absolute reference product and always based on a “less is more” mantra.


It allows you to perceive every detail of the recording and rediscover all your favourite discs, enjoy the music.

For balanced inputs and outputs and for galvanic isolation, we use audiophile grade transformers. The windings are arranged to give perfect symmetry if the transformer is used in input and output applications. The two coil structure also greatly improves immunity to external magnetic fields from power supplies and motors. Primary and secondary windings are separated by electrostatic shields. The transformer is housed in a mu-metal can.


This product X250 includes Extraudio's exclusive remote control.

This remote control has been conceived from a different approach—seeking the convenience of the user. Extraudio wished to offer battery life and operating distance as its main features and these objectives have been achieved.

The remote control does not have removable batteries but has a rechargeable internal battery that only needs recharging after 100 days in conditions of normal use. It includes an integrated USB battery charger with a charge indicator that can be used with any USB port.


The transmission range is from 20 to 80 meters, “depending on the country used and electromagnetic and RF interference”. The design is minimalist according to Mies Van Der Rohe’s philosophy of “less is more”. There are only four buttons: On, Off, Volume up and down and Mute. The concept behind this remote control is unusual but in the end it is a more efficient and ergonomic creation.

Extraudio X250 MKIII Integrated Amplifier

  • Frequency response:
    0,5Hz to > 350Khz +0 -1db “preamp section”
    10Hz to 50Khz “integrated amplifier”
    Noise level dynamic range / dBA:
    > 105db
    Total armonic distortion / THD:
    THD+N: 0,0015% @ 1W (8 Ohm, 1Khz)
    Max voltage gain: 26dB
    Input impedance: 
    120K ohms Balanced, 60K ohms RCA

    Processor AV input: 

    0dB RCA and XLR output.

    Analog inputs: 

    4 pair unbalanced RCA + 1 Pair Balanced XLR +
    Processor AV (RCA and XLR connectors)

    Inputs (6): 

    (XLR and RCA connectors).

    Maximum input:
    20V RMS BAL, 10V RMS RCA.
    Separation of stereo channels: > -82dB.

    62 Volume steps.

    (ALPS BLUE BEAUTY Motorized, controlled by microcontroller),

    Select Input, optical rotary encoder (ALPS 18 steps).

    Power requirements:
    100V, 120V or 230VAC 50/60Hz, 79 watts – 0,5w standby
    Power consumption:
    Energy Star & EU specs, Extraudio X250 Pure Class AD is equipped with a high power amplification module with very low power consumption, with an energy efficiency of 94.4%
    44,5 cm W by 12,5 cm H by 39,5 cm
    D 56,5 cm W by 24 cm H by 52,5 cm D (shipping)
    39 lbs. (18 kg) Net; 52 lbs. (24 kg) Shipping
    Recommendation tube:
    Standard version: Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold pin. (balanced triode and matched pair).
    Power Output:
    2 X 250Wrms @ 1% THD+N, 20Hz – 20Khz, 4 Ohm
    2 X 150Wrms 8 Ohm “both channels driven”


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