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 Extraudio XP-A800 Stereo Power Amplifier solid-state 
An exciting and unique sound muscle ...


Extraudio is a company that has been researching, developing and incorporating innovations in amplification equipment for more than a decade to achieve a real, absolute sound that excites the listener.


One of the latest exponents of that research and development is the Extraudio XP-A800 stereo power amp.



The electronic design of the Extraudio XP-A800 is based on our benchmark XP-A1500 power amp and features our revolutionary high-power, energy-efficient EPAM amplification modules.

The RCA and XLR audio inputs feature a new pure Class A buffer input with BJT transistor input stages, providing dynamic, analog sound. BJT-type transistors offer the best sound, extending down to very low frequencies.



In reference to design and aesthetics, we accentuate the Extraudio style: minimalist, timeless and neutral. The Extraudio equipment integrates perfectly into any home, be it modern or classic, embodying in all of them our philosophy of "less is more".

In the chassis we have applied our constructive experience, based on the use of solid panels of aeronautical aluminum 6000 of the highest hardness and quality. This construction provides solidity and durability to the product, minimizing vibrations.

The front aesthetics of the XP-A800 stage is straightforward, limited to a single power button on the front panel. Everything else is controlled by our software inside the power amplifier.



The Extraudio XP-A800 offers pouring and controlled power, thanks to our new EPAM modules of 800 watts x2 at 4 Ohms and 400 watts x2 at 8 Ohms.

The Extraudio XP-A800 also delivers a peak current of 40 Amps per channel, which, together with a greater damping factor of 700 to 8 Ohm, allows full control of any speaker model.

The true value of the watts of a power amp cannot be made up or masked, and that, at Extraudio, we know. The only way to get 1500W of real sound, for example, is to have a power supply that generates 1500W peak and high current intensity.

The XP-A800 power amp has a power supply that delivers a total current of 80 Amps coupled with an impressive 1500W power reserve, so that any complex musical passage, such as those present in a symphony, is reproduced throughout. its splendor, without any loss, decay or distortion.

At Extraudio we add intelligent consumption management with our own energy efficiency control software integrated into the XP-A800, so that the optimization of electricity consumption is absolute.

This mix of technologies has been developed at Extraudio since 2010. The XP-A800, apart from unmatched sonic performance, also offers unprecedented and unrivaled energy efficiency.



The Extraudio XP-A800 incorporates built-in protection functions to protect the power amp against abuse or extreme use, and to prevent the speakers from being damaged in the event of an incident.

These protections focus on temperature control, electrical overvoltage, DC protection and HF protection.



The sound of the XP-A800 power amp is something to experience firsthand. It is very difficult to put into words the extraordinary sensations that this new power amp transmits, so we recommend visiting an official Extraudio dealer to live and enjoy this experience.

Those who have heard it agree to define the Extraudio XP-A800 as "an exciting power amp, unmatched control and absolute sound at all frequencies."

Extraudio XP-A800 Stereo Power Amplifier

  • Specifications____________

    Input buffer: Input stages Pure Class A BJT

    Frequency Response: 2Hz to 110Khz +0dB

    Noise Floor: -160dB

    Dynamic range / dBA: > 120dBA

    THD+N (1kHz @ 1W): 0.003 %

    Peak output current:  40Amp x2

    Voltage Gain:  28dB

    Damping Factor: 
    >700, two-channel (8 Ω load, 1 kHz and below)

    Extraudio EPAM amplification modules
    Ultra Output Power: 800W X2 4Ω / 400W X2 8Ω



    Power consumption________
    Stand-by: 0.5W
    Idle:19W  (115V or 230VAC 50/60Hz)
    < 0.5 W (Green Energy Star & ErP 1275/2008/EC compliant)
    Safety approved and verified for EMC compliance 
    Power Supply RMS Power Limit: 1500W

    44 x 12 x 40 cm (Product W x H x D)
    66 x 66 x 37 cm (Shipping W x H x D)

    (16 kg) / (20 kg) Shipping.



    Analog inputs:
    1 Pair unbalanced RCA
    1 Pair Balanced XLR

    Speakers connectors, WBT Germany.
    Trigger connectors input and output

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